Volunteer Stories

This year we are celebrating Volunteers' Week (1-7 June) by highlighting the incredible and dedicated work of our volunteers through a series of volunteer stories. Here you can find short written interviews with volunteers so you can get to know a little more about who they are and the essential role they play at the BMC.

To find information for volunteers please head over to our dedicated volunteers page.

Agustin Guardiola

AJ is the BMC North West Area Chair and co-founder of Climb Out, the UK's first queer climbing festival.

Click here to read AJ's Volunteer Story.

Image by Frit Tam. 

Nicholas Galpin

Nick sits on the BMC Technical Committee and UIAA Safety Commission. He is one of the incredible volunteers helping to ensure that the safety and performance standards of equipment are up to scratch! 

Click here to read Nick's Volunteer Story.  


Emily Ankers

Emily sits on the gender subgroup of the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee. She is a talented researcher and also runs Beta Magazine, a climbin and outdoors community magazine focused on the female experience but inclusive of all. 

Click here to read Emily's Volunteer Story.


Stephen Quinton

Stephen is a Pembrokeshire area volunteer who has been a local access rep for over 15 years.

Click here to read Stephen's Volunteer Story.

Photo is SQ on first ascent of Maximus Molementum, Fence Walls, Penally Credit: Stefan Morris


Mike Spooner

Mike is a Student Rep on the Clubs Committee and more recently has been working with the team as part of the Organisational Development Group.

Click here to read Mike's Volunteer Story.


Graeme Hill

Graeme has been volunteering at the BMC for over 10 years, he volunteers as part of the Equity Steering Group and has worked hard to help the BMC achieve the Intermediate Equality Standard.

Click here to read Graeme's Volunteer Story. 



Cressida Allwood

Cressida is the Chair of the Equity Steering Group as has been volunteering with the BMC for over 5 years.

Click here to read Cressida'sVolunteer Story. 

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Get Involved! Find out how to volunteer at the BMC.

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