BMC Annual General Meeting

Posted by Team BMC on 21/05/2024

The 2024 Annual General Meeting took place on Wednesday 12 June as on online only meeting.

If you’re a member of the BMC then you are directly supporting and contributing to the work we do on behalf of our community of hill walkers, climbers, and mountaineers. You will also be benefitting from the support we provide across our services and activities, that will vary on your activities, specific interests, and roles that you may have volunteering across our work areas.

As a member you also have a say on the things we do and we want to make sure you can do that and know that each member will have different perspectives and different means by which they want to contribute, the AGM is one.


  • To approve the minutes of the previous AGM held on Saturday 17 June 2023 - CARRIED 

  • To receive the annual report and accounts for the year end 31 December 2023 - CARRIED

  • To approve the re-appointment of Hurst Accountants Limited as the auditors of the company - CARRIED

  • To elect Dominic Oughton as President and a director of the BMC with a term to take effect from 13 June 2024 - ELECTED

  • To elect Agustin Guardiola as Nationally Elected Councillor for Mountaineering with to term to take effect from 13 June 2024 - ELECTED

  • To Elect Steve Clark as Nationally Elected Councillor for Rock Climbing with a term to take effect from 13 June 2024 - ELECTED

  • To approve an amendment to article 1.1 so that it reads ‘Account Date 5 April’ - CARRIED

  • To approve an amendment to article 2.2 so that it reads ‘The offices of the company will be situated in England and/or Wales’ - CARRIED WITH AMENDMENT

  • To approve the addition of an object to the BMC articles: ‘Encourage, promote and develop young people to become competent, safe, responsible and respectful Mountaineers, and enable active involvement in all BMC activities, interests and affairs’ - WITHDRAWN

  • To approve the amendments to article 11 detailed in the supplementary document here - CARRIED WITH AMENDMENT

  • To approve an amendment to article 16.1.1 so that it reads: ‘is aged 16 years or over at the date of the meeting; and’ - CARRIED 

  • To approve Trevor Smith continuing as a Council-Nominated Director for a three-year term that began on 7 October 2023 - ELECTED

  • To approve Andy Say continuing as a Council-Nominated Director for a three-year term that began on 23 October 2023 - ELECTED

Click here to view the BMC AGM 2024 voting summary


Accompanying documentation for the AGM is below:

*Note: As a Tier 3 Sport England funded organisation, we are bound by the Code for Sports Governance. One of the requirements is to produce an annual governance statement.  It isn’t being voted on at the AGM, it is for information only.


  1. Article of Association
  2. AGM Minutes
  3. Accounts overview*
  4. Audit report+
  5. 2023 Actions log

*+ With the aim of becoming more transparent in all we do, we have worked with the auditors to be able to release the audit report and a more detailed accounts view.



We are always working to create more ways for members to hear about the work we are doing, ask questions and get more involved. To that end we also host online members open forums

FIND OUT MORE: Members Open Forums


The BMC also has local area groups, volunteers who represent the BMC in their local areas and who meet quarterly to discuss issues local to them as well as wider national issues.

You may already be a member of a club but if not, this is a great way to meet like-minded people local to you while at the same time developing your skills and knowledge. You might want to look at setting up your own group or club, something which the BMC can support you with. Click here to find a club.


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Anonymous User
The BMC is the sole member of MHT, but there is no report from MHT in the Annual Report. The only mention of MHT seems to be that it was supported by £0 in 2023, as compared with £25,000 in 2022. How is the MHT's work supported by the BMC, for which it is the national archivist and heritage custodian?
This requires some explanation at the AGM.
This was the best BMC agm I have ever attended.
It fully retained my attention for two hours because I listened to and watched the chair, CEO, and president, and watched and commented in Chat (some people didn't realise they could raise a hand for a direct question and vote all simultaneously) and voted all in parallel. Absorbing indeed.
OK, I miss the mad piss-ups of the 1970s, but I was never a drinker. as chair of Lakes are we are trying to increase informality and so our next meeting is a BBQ with a chat!
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