Will you be an outdoor ally?

Posted by Team BMC on 12/02/2024
Image: Women's Trad Festival, Veronica Melkonian

The BMC is proud to share the launch of the new Allyship in the Outdoors course funded by The North Face Explore Fund. Intended for those who work and operate in the outdoor industry including brands, organisations, coaches, instructors and volunteers, this 1-hour online course is designed to foster a deeper understanding of the unique challenges faced by people of colour when accessing the outdoors. Four interactive modules help those who take the course to become better allies and to make the outdoors a safer, more welcoming place for all.

At the BMC we truly believe the outdoors is for everyone, but not everyone feels welcome there and that’s something we would like to ask for your help in changing. We know our members and clubs are vibrant, friendly and supportive, but if you are not a person of colour yourself, you might not be aware of some of the barriers which prevent people of colour from accessing the outdoors. The Allyship in the Outdoors course will help you to understand these barriers and share some of the very easy ways you can help to encourage diversity and inclusivity.

Take the course

If you’re white and wondering why any of this is your responsibility, consider that the more people (of all colours, shapes, sizes and backgrounds) that enjoy their time outdoors, love the mountains and marvel at the wildlife there, the more people there will be fighting to protect and conserve these precious landscapes for the future. The more outdoor-lovers the better, from all walks of life.

The Allyship in the Outdoors opening statement says, “If you commit to taking this course, you have already taken the first step towards creating a more inclusive and equitable outdoors for all. Thank you.”

The BMC’s Diversty and Inclusion Manager Alex West says, I would encourage anyone involved in outdoor activities to complete the Allyship in the Outdoors course; in fact anyone involved in any sport should seriously consider spending half an hour interacting with the content and growing their understanding of the experiences faced by people of colour.

“The BMC have been very lucky in being involved in the development of the course and value the positive impact delivered by Allyship in the Outdoors. Only through facilitating learning, creating engaging content and sharing effective resources can we hope to create an outdoors for all.”

The Allyship in the Outdoors course is designed to:

  • Build awareness and knowledge of people of colour in the outdoors
  • Understand barriers and challenges by listening to lived experiences
  • Understand the power of allyship and how you can be an ally
  • Adopt effective strategies and tools for allyship in action

You are encouraged to have an open mind to help inspire your learning. With an open mind you can:

  • Step out of your comfort zone
  • Listen to understand other peoples lived experiences
  • Challenge your own assumptions and ways of thinking
  • Commit to being an ally in the outdoors

Thank you for taking the time to look through the course here


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I have tried to finish this course. It does not function properly and there is no way to progress past the module 3 activity. Is there any way this can be fixed, please?
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