The BMC and Mount Everest Foundation (MEF) support climbing expeditions around the world. View the reports from these expeditions here. From 2000 most reports are downloadable as pdfs.For earlier reports, please contact the office.




British Kangchung Expedition 2019
Region: Nepal
Sub-Region: Khumbu
Date: 14/10/2019
MEF Reference: BMC 19/07
Attempts on Kangchung Nup and Kangchung Shar from the north by Paul Ramsden and Jim Hall.
Ardang/Limi 2019 Expedition
Region: Nepal
Sub-Region: West Nepal
Date: 13/10/2019
MEF Reference: BMC 19/28
Mark Bielby and Emily Ward spent 5 weeks of late autumn 2019, in Humla, a remote district in the far west of Nepal. We had an expedition permit to attempt Ardang (6043m) but also hoped to climb some peaks around the Nying Khola and Salli Khola. Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful in summiting any of our objectives.
KMC Western Zaalaisky Expedition 2019
Region: Central Asia/CIS
Sub-Region: Kyrghyzstan
Date: 10/08/2019
MEF Reference: MEF 19-18
Our two key aims were to come back safe, and to complete first ascents – we achieved four first ascents and all returned home without any serious illness, injury, or mishap so just from this perspective the expedition was a success. Summary of first ascent (FA) peaks climbed / attempted : • Ak Chukur, 4958m, FA Monday 19th August, S Graham, A Stratford, S Hurworth, A Vine • Pik a-Boo, 5077m, FA Friday 23rd August, S Graham, J Kitchen, E Thompson • Broken Peak, 5122m, FA Sunday 25th August, S Hurworth, A Vine • Ak Kalpak, 5112m, FA Tuesday 27th August, S Graham, J Kitchen • Pk 5084m, retreated. Attempted on Tuesday 27th August, A Stratford, S Hurworth, A Vine.
Sani Pakush Expedition 2019
Region: Pakistan
Sub-Region: Batura
Date: 24/07/2019
MEF Reference: BMC 19/15
Attempt on Sani Pakush called off after poor conditions and porters refusing to carry to proposed base camp. So attempted Peak 5920m in the Khunjerab National Park. Reached 5800m but couldn’t climb the very corniced final ridge in poor snow conditions.
Alaska Expedition Mount Thunder 2019
Region: Alaska
Sub-Region: Central Alaska
Date: 29/04/2019
MEF Reference: BMC 19/02
A trip that was hampered by heavy snowfall and poor weather and despite trying hard didn't manage to climb anything.
British Chombu pre-monsoon Expedition 2019
Region: India
Sub-Region: Sikkim
Date: 01/04/2019
MEF Reference: BMC 18/22
Because of the conditions, an unsuccessful pre-monsoon attempt on Chombu by Mick Fowler and Victor Saunders. Although a lower peak was climbed.
Mount Kenya New Rock
Region: Africa
Sub-Region: Kenya
Date: 05/02/2019
MEF Reference: BMC 19/05
Exploratory rock climbing trip to Kenya
British Minya Konka Expedition 2018
Region: China
Sub-Region: East Nyanchen Tanglha
Date: 22/09/2018
MEF Reference: BMC 18/06
Nick Bullock and Paul Ramsden failed to get above 5800m primarily due to the high snowfall experienced throughout the entire expedition. We did however identify the buttress on the south face as one of the very best unclimbed lines in China. Unfortunately, the approach is very long, arduous and hazardous due to the need to climb through two separate ice falls. In the end we decided the mountain was just too dangerous to climb this year due to the quantity of unconsolidated snow and headed home.
British Kishtwar Expedition 2018
Region: India
Sub-Region: Ladakh & Zanskar
Date: 13/09/2018
MEF Reference: BMC 18/03
No climbing. Spent 3 weeks in base camp but bailed due to unseasonably early and heavy snow (approx. 1 metre in BC). Persistent mixed weather thereafter. Attempt at Chiring (ca. 6300m) but got as far as the base.
Shuwert Expedition 2018
Region: Pakistan
Sub-Region: Shimshal & Hispar
Date: 09/09/2018
MEF Reference: BMC 18/10
Philip De-Beger and Peter Thompson made the first ascent of Banafsheh Sar 6040m at alpine PD on 22nd September. This is the highest peak above the East Shuwert Glacier near the Shimshal Pass. Their guide Wasir Baig suggested the name.
Kuiluu Expedition 2018
Region: Central Asia/CIS
Sub-Region: Kyrghyzstan
Date: 17/08/2018
MEF Reference: N / a
From a high col we climbed what can only be described as the worst hill climb either of us had ever done. The 400m of 45 degree ice with thin patches of windslab took a heart thumping 2 hours to negotiate. We were greeted to an astounding view but this was no place to hang around. After getting a GPS waypoint for the summit, and taking some photos, we descended. Back at the col we celebrated, mission complete! With our final day at ABC, we explored higher up the glacier, identifying potential for further first ascents.
Karavshin, Kyrgyzstan 2018
Region: Central Asia/CIS
Sub-Region: Kyrghyzstan
Date: 19/07/2018
MEF Reference: BMC 18/14
Expedition to the big granite walls in the Kara-Su and Ak-Su Valleys in the Batken district of Kyrgyzstan. Successful ascents of Yellow Wall, Pamir Pyramid and Slesova Peak. Unsuccessful attempts on Asan and Little Asan.
Umiak Sailing and Mountaineering Expedition 2018
Region: Greenland
Sub-Region: East Greenland
Date: 12/07/2018
MEF Reference: N / a
• Climbed 16, probably, previously unclimbed peaks. o It may be the case that, due to the nature of adventurous expeditioning that these routes may never be repeated as others seek their own new routes and experiences. Hopefully our experiences, and this report will provide some additional information to make it easier for others to enjoy similar adventures. • Reconnoitred a significant part of the East Greenland coast for future mountaineering inspiration. Some of the groups thoughts on future expeditions to the area are as follows: o Primary zones of potential: Milne Land, Liverpool Land (for easiest access by yacht), Kong Oscar Fjord (Adventures by dog sledge), Syltoppen range on south side of Kong Oscar Fjord. o Careful timing required re ice access and best snow conditions for travel depending on planned objectives. • All the team came home safe and with lots of good photos.
British/Slovene Choktoi/Latok 1 Expedition 2018
Region: Pakistan
Sub-Region: Biafo & Panmah
Date: 05/07/2018
MEF Reference: BMC 18/11
First ascent of Latok I (7145m) from northern (Choktoi) side, via a variation of the North Ridge.
Region: India
Sub-Region: Ladakh & Zanskar
Date: 03/06/2018
MEF Reference: BMC 18/19
The expedition was led by Alex Mathie (UK), climbing with Matt Harle (UK). Support staff, in the form of a cook and a high altitude porter were provided by Rimo Expeditions. The expedition spent four weeks (early June { early July 2018) in the Zanskar region, India. The expedition made attempts on Chiling II (6253m) via the unclimbed North Face, and Lalung III (6126m) via the unclimbed East Buttress. Both attempts were repelled by poor weather and unsafe snow conditions.
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