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Candidate Privacy Policy

UPLOADED ON 08/07/2021

Candidate Privacy Policy for all job applicants.

File size: 97.34kb

Redacted board minutes 11 May 2023

UPLOADED ON 25/10/2023

Redacted minutes of the Board meeting held on 11 May 2023

File size: 344.87kb

Redacted board minutes 2 August 2023

UPLOADED ON 25/10/2023

Redacted minutes of the board meeting held on 2 August 2023

File size: 332.65kb

Members' Council minutes 4 July 2023

UPLOADED ON 25/10/2023

Minutes from Council meeting of 4 July 2023

File size: 148.52kb

Members' Council minutes 7 October 2023

UPLOADED ON 25/10/2023

Minutes of Council meeting held on 7 October 2023 

File size: 152.25kb

BMC Reserves Policy

UPLOADED ON 10/10/2023

The BMC's reserves policy as approved by the Board in October 2021

File size: 100.04kb

BMC Expenses Policy 2023

UPLOADED ON 04/10/2023

The BMC's expenses policy, applicable to staff and volunteers 

File size: 185.84kb
Incident Reporting MPU
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