Support package for clubs running virtual AGMs

Posted by Jane Thompson on 03/01/2022

The BMC is continuing with the package to support clubs for running their virtual AGMs via Zoom.


This package was designed using the feedback from a survey sent to all clubs in 2020 - a massive Thank You to all the clubs who responded, as your responses helped to shape the support we are able to offer.

Since December 2020 clubs have been offered access to a Zoom Webinar account that the BMC holds the licence for to run their own club AGM.  The offer has been extended indefinitely in light of the ongoing Covid19 situation.

There will be no charge to clubs who wish to take up this offer, the cost of the licence will be met by the BMC.

This offer allows club officers (the “organisers”) to organise a virtual AGM for their club with the following functions available to them:

  • Each club will be provided with a dedicated link and passcode for their club members to access their AGM event.
  • Clubs will be able to personalise their AGM with their club logo.
  • Organisers will be provided with log-in details to access their AGM event.
  • Organisers and club members will have the option to share webcams during the AGM.
  • Club members may speak during the AGM if they wish (i.e. to ask questions), but the organisers will have control to be able to mute everyone/anyone if needed.
  • Organisers may share their screens should a presentation (such as via PowerPoint) or sight of documents (such as accounts) be required during the AGM.
  • Club members may vote during the virtual AGM via the “polls” function on Zoom (see hints and tips below for further information about voting at the AGM).
  • Organisers may join the event early to check the systems before allowing entry for the club members from the virtual waiting room.
  • Organisers may record the AGM to their own computer to assist with minute taking.
  • Organisers can access a training session for using the system if needed.

If you wish to take advantage of this offer please CLICK HERE to complete the request form 

Please note that dates will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.  If your first choice of date is unavailable we will go to your second choice, etc.  If none of your choices are available we will contact you to discuss date options.

Please book your date with us as soon as you can, but note that we need a minimum of 10 working days to confirm a booking.

If you have any questions please contact Jane Thompson



Hints and Tips for Virtual AGMs

- Sport England has produced a useful document for clubs to use when holding virtual meetings, including Annual General Meetings - CLICK HERE 

- Many clubs won’t have a specific clause within their constitution relating to virtual AGMs.  It is therefore important that you keep your members regularly updated with the steps that you are taking and that you make accessing the event as simple as possible for as many of your members as you can.

- Some virtual platforms have a telephone call option, this can be used to encourage those members without access to the internet to join the AGM.

- Encourage members to enter their full name when they log in to the virtual platform – this can then be used as a list of attendees and to check that all are club members and therefore eligible to vote.

- Voting at virtual AGMs is often a challenge for clubs to manage to ensure that it is a fair process.

  • If you have a small club, you don’t expect a massive turnout at your AGM, and all members are able to turn on their cameras you could hold all votes by a show of hands on screen, in a similar way that members would raise their hand in a meeting.
  • Other clubs may wish to use the “poll” or “vote” function on the virtual platform they are using.  You will need to ensure that your members understand how to vote before the meeting starts, and we would suggest that you start the meeting by asking members to vote to approve the use of this form of virtual voting at the AGM, and that all results voted on in this way will be legitimate.
  • Using a poll function has the added benefit of being anonymised.
  • If you have more than one member living in the same household then you will need to consider how best to allow them to vote as it would be likely they will use one device to join the meeting – you may need to advise them to join on different devices so that each one can vote.  Alternatively, you may need to provide an email address so that any of those in the multiple member household unable to vote via Zoom can email a committee member (or other "vote counter") with how they wish to vote.


If your club has already held a virtual AGM and you have some hints and tips that you would like to share please put them in the comments box below.

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