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Posted by Jane Thompson on 31/05/2023

Welcome to the home page about webinars for student club officers, committee members and leaders.

This page is for webinars organised for student club officers, committee members and leaders.  It will host information about any upcoming webinars and links to recordings plus downloads from previous webinars.



We'll be taking a break over the summer months while we hope you'll be able to head outside and enjoy walking and climbing.
But if the weather is poor why not listen to one of the previous webinars, all the links are below.
We'll be back in the autumn with another varied programme!



* Student Club Support: new committee members
9 May 2023
This webinar covered support, guidance and top tips aimed at new members on student club committtees.

CLICK HERE to view the recording of the webinar


* Benefits of Club Affiliation
13 January 2023

This webinar looked at the benefits associated with BMC club affiliation, introduced some of the team who are here to support you, and considered the combined liability insurance benefit in more detail with Andy Goulbourne from the BMC's insurance brokers, Howden.

CLICK HERE to view the recording

CLICK HERE to view the presentation slides



If you have suggestions for topics to include in future webinars please post in the comments box below or email directly to


You may find the Facebook group for Student Club officers and leaders a useful place for informmation.  Don’t forget to share the link to the group with the rest of your club committee - it's a great resource for sharing questions and ideas with other student clubs and with key BMC staff.


Useful links

Student Safety Seminar

Student Club Officers Handbook

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