Definitely not. BMC clubs have always operated with more experienced members providing guidance to those less experienced - and mandatory qualifications don’t come into the equation. Although some clubs do organise meet days for novices to provide concentrated input.
The BMC Civil Liability Insurance covers members when undertaking the “normal activities” of hill walking, climbing and mountaineering. For example this would cover a club member walking in the Lakes and helping other club members with their map reading. The cover does not extend to situations where payment is received, as that would be viewed as acting as a professional.
Yes. There is some guidance on this in the club guidance notes. Additionally the BMC publish a booklet called “Care and Maintenance” which is worth reading - it’s available from the online shop.
Yes, any club can decide to take under-18’s. However, in order to be covered by the Civil Liability Insurance policy in the event of a child protection issue, our insurers require that those clubs with under-18’s unaccompanied by their parent(s) adopt the BMC Child Protection Policy and have a Club Youth Co-ordinator. This is now a common insurance requirement amongst all amateur sports clubs in Britain. Clubs that take under-18’s who are always accompanied by their parent(s) do not need to meet these requirements. For more information please click here.
For many people the main benefit is simply supporting the BMC. Additional benefits of affiliation include: £10,000,000 Civil Liability Insurance cover for the club and all its members, discounts in over 200 retail outlets, a copy of Summit magazine (Individual Members receive four copies annually), and access to the BMC Travel and Activity insurance. It’s also very easy for Club Members to upgrade to Individual Membership.
The short answer is no.   Since April 2007, in Wales, it has been illegal to smoke in an enclosed space where members of the public gather. This includes climbing or walking club huts. These laws have applied in England since July 1st 2007. This is a Good Thing!
There is an online booking form at
There is an online booking system on the Glen Brittle Memorial Hut website -
In the same way that your hut has a "Members' Room" you could also have a "Snorers' Room" so that they can inflict their antisocial behaviour on each other. Some clubs (such at the Mountain Club of North Wales) provide free ear plugs for all overnighters. If this does not work, wheel them out into the garden (after all, they never wake up!)
The Don Whillans Memorial hut at the Roaches is owned by the BMC. To book, email the Booking Secretary Mark Stock at: or phone 0114 2682337
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