For many people the main benefit is simply supporting the BMC. For others, particularly committee members, it is having the security of the BMC Combined Liability Policy.
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Definitely not. BMC clubs have always operated with more experienced members providing guidance to those less experienced. Some clubs do organise meet days for novices to provide concentrated training, whereas in other clubs this sharing of guidance happens on a more ad-hoc basis.

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The BMC Combined Liability insurance is designed to support more experienced members of clubs passing on the benefits of their knowledge and experience to novice or less experienced club members. It covers members when undertaking the “normal club activities” of hill walking, climbing and mountaineering.
For example this would cover a club member walking in the Lakes and helping other club members with their map reading. It would also cover club members leading a novice training meet.
The cover does not extend to situations where payment is received, as that would be viewed as acting as a professional.

Check out the Insurance guidelines for more information.
Yes. There is some guidance in this article and in the club guidance notes. Additionally the BMC publish a booklet called "Care and Maintenance" which is worth reading - it's available from the BMC online shop.
Yes, any club can decide to take under-18's. Under 18's can either be accepted as part of a family membership (where their parent(s) or carers take responsibility for them) or as independent members.

Clubs that accept under-18's who are always accompanied by their parent(s) or carers need to ensure that the club constitution reflects this, but do not need to do anything else.

For those clubs that accept under-18's as independent members the requirements are as follows:
(1) the Club adopts the BMC Child Protection Policy
(2) The club should have a designated Youth Officer (or Child Protection Officer) who is responsible for child protection within the club. It is desirable that this person should know how to respond if any allegation or concern is raised and that they should know what to do next.

More information can be found in the Club Guidelines: Child Protection document here (pdf download).
Yes, providing it is within your club constitution/rules. If the under 18 is accompanied by a parent/carer who is either an existing member, or who will eventually join the club after a period of being a prospective member, or if one of your existing members will be nominated by a parent to be in loco parentis, then the BMC Child Protection Policy does not need to be adopted.
If your club rules allow the under 18 to attend without a parent/carer or adult in loco parentis, the BMC Child Protection Policy does need to be adopted.
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If you're currently a member of a BMC affiliated climbing club, you can help support the work of the BMC by upgrading to Individual membership at a reduced rate. You will also receive the Personal Accident Insurance and all printed issues of Summit magazine.
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Clubs provide a social focus for anyone interested in hillwalking, climbing and mountaineering. Within clubs, there is a very wide range of skills and experiences which can be used and drawn on for your own benefit. Clubs have a much bigger buying power than an individual, and there are things that are often easier/possible to do as a club than as an individual. The main advantages of joining a club boil down to a vastly increased social circle of like-minded individuals and a deeper and wider knowledge pool to help you to improve your skills in the outdoors.
The BMC Combined Liability insurance is designed to protect Clubs, Committee members, Trustees and other Members against legal liability for claims under Civil Law, due to their negligence. This could be a claim for damages as a result of - sharing knowledge, and lending or supplying equipment; libel, slander or defamation in books, newsletters websites or other publication; negligent mismanagement; failure of a duty of care to children etc. and use / ownership of a club hut. The cover also extends, of course, to members participating in the hill walking, climbing and mountaineering sports whether with the club or alone.
Unsecured loans of between £5000 and £20000 are available for BMC affiliated clubs to a maximum of 75% of the total project cost. Secured loans of between £20000 and £50000 are available to a maximum of 80% of the project cost. Rates and terms vary. In the first instance, applications should be made to Alan Brown, Financial Controller, at the BMC Office, with as much detail about the project as possible.
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