Record 30 entries into Women in Adventure film competition 2018

Posted by Peter Burnside on 25/01/2018

Another year and another batch of amazing films entered into the BMC Women In Adventure film competition for 2018. With a huge cash prize pool of £1,200 up for grabs, we've had a record 30 films entered into the competition this year; we best get started watching!

Now in its fourth year, the competition was set up by the BMC, WomenClimb and the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival to try and get more women in front of, and behind, the camera. The deadline has now passed and the BMC TV elves have been busy uploading them to our competition channel.

The winning film will be screened at Sheffield Adventure Film Festival (ShAFF), Llanberis Mountain Film Festival (LLAMFF) and Kendal Mountain Festival, making this competition a fantastic opportunity for a budding filmmaker to gain exposure! On top of this, the winner will bag themselves free entry into Banff Mountain Film Festival.
Keep an eye out for our Women in Adventure Film Competition events at LLAMFF (Llanberis, 2-4 March 2018) and ShAFF (Sheffield, 9-11 March 2018), where we’ll be revealing the winners. The judge’s top 4 films and the winner of the ‘most watched’ category will be announced at LLAMFF. First and second place, in addition to the ‘special mention’ prize, will be awarded at ShAFF.
Alex Messenger, BMC TV, said: “The BMC TV Women in Adventure Film competition has been running for four years. This year’s quality and quantity of entries has blown us all away, and we’re looking forward to the judge’s decisions. In the meantime, don’t forget to share your favourites to help them win the most-watched category..."

So without further ado, view all the awesome films that have been entered this year:

Sleep the 3 Peaks

On 22 December, 2017 extreme sleeping, wild camping adventurer and author Phoebe Smith set out to sleep the 3 Peaks – the highest mountains in Wales (Snowdon), England (Scafell Pike) and Scotland (Ben Nevis) – by herself on three consecutive nights. She'd decided to give up her Christmas – no tree, no dinner, no bad TV and no time with the family. Instead choosing to Sleep the 3 Peaks to raise money for the homeless charity Centrepoint. She wanted to wake up on Christmas Day alone on the summit of the highest mountain in the UK so she could literally take the issue of homelessness to new heights. She ended up raising over £7,700 for the charity. A film by Phoebe Smith.

Five go climbing

Even though climbing is an 'extreme sport', to call yourself a climber you don't actually have to be 'extreme' at all... like these guys. Here you can see all the things climbers actually spend their time doing, rather than climbing. A film by Lauren Sawyer.

100% Myself

Georgia is Autistic. But you wouldn't have guessed. She's learned to be "normal". However, more and more, she wants to just be herself. Climbing has helped Georgia to confront her issues and realise that, for her, "normal" just isn't. A film by Euan Ryan.

The Salty Dance Floor

Rock-climbing as a waltz with the rock “…part atoms, part song…”. A film by Sarah-Jane Dobner & Sandro Gromen-Hayes.


"Tamazight" means 'free people', and is what the Berbers call themselves in their own language. In October 2017, Jenny Tough ran solo and unsupported across the High Atlas Mountains, a place still populated by the Tamazight, but patrolled by the Moroccan Gendarmerie. The 860km expedition run took 22 days, using old Berber trail networks and carrying a 10kg backpack. This film was self-shot by Jenny with a compact camera stuffed in the side of the backpack. A film by Jenny Tough.


The story of an amazing person and her journey in the sport that she loves - climbing. Esme Harte has twice been on the World Championship podium, both times securing 3rd place, and on the World Cup podium six times. Her story is about perseverance even if everything's against you and proves that 'anything is really possible as long as you're willing to put the work in'. A film by Dagmara Dygas.

Tryfan Wild Camp (for my mum)

When Phoebe Smith lost her mum to cancer in 2001, on her bequest, she scattered her ashes on a mountain called Tryfan in Snowdonia National Park, North Wales, UK. Losing someone close to you is very hard and every year she finds Mother's Day particularly difficult. But in 2017 with Mother's Day (26th March – in Britain) coinciding with British Summer Time, where the clocks go forward and we lose an hour of our time it took on some extra significance. And so she decided that instead of staying inside and mourning her death, she would instead celebrate her life by getting outside and paying a special visit to her mum's mountain, camping the evening before on Tryfan's lower flanks, to be on the top in time for sunrise. A film by Phoebe Smith.


A 7 year old girl's resilience, commitment and determination to climb her first 7A boulder in Fontainebleau, France. A film by David Turner.


Fear of falling is something every climber comes across at some point in their climbing life; the feeling that cuts into your gut and leaves you weak. One woman tells the story of her fight with height and why she still never stopped loving the rocks. A film by Leon Buchholz.

Vertigirls: Cornwall 2017

Vertigirls is a women's rock climbing club based in Brighton and Hove aimed at but not exclusively for women with additional needs. The main objective of the group is to empower women through the sport of rock climbing. This film gives a taste of what it’s like to be a Vertigirl (supportive and fun!) and was shot during the club’s visit to Cornwall in August 2017. A film by Julia Fry & Katy Beswetherick.

Stop, Breathe, Go

It’s easy in the 21st century to get lost in the detail of everyday life. It’s easy to lose a sense of the world around you, or take the easy option and flick the kettle on. But where’s the fun in that? Just stop, breathe and go. A film by Catherine Dunn.

One Scot One Atlantic

To cross an ocean under her own steam has been a goal and dream that for years has remained unfulfilled as Elaine was needed to support her mother Janice. Following Janice’s diagnosis of early onset dementia aged 55 she soon needed Elaine’s everyday support. For more than a decade Elaine proudly supported her mother and indeed gave up her career at that time to care for Janice full time, as the dementia slowly crippled her life. Elaine was with her Mum at the end… All the pain and suffering was over. Elaine feels the need to raise funds for this little understood disease – funds that will contribute towards the very promising work that is being done in dementia research thus hopefully preventing future generations from experiencing the pain and distress dementia causes. Elaine dedicates this row to her parents who she knows will be with her all the way and who instilled in her the love of the outdoors from a very early age and the drive that will make the crossing possible. A film by Elaine Hopley.

The Gift at the top of the Mountain

To celebrate my fifth anniversary of living in Scotland, I decided to run from my doorstep to my nearest Munro. Things didn’t quite go to plan, but thanks to some help from the universe and a good friend, the outcome was far beyond anything I could have hoped for when I set off. A film by Katherine Harrison.

Night High

Night High is a visual collaboration between highliner Sarah Rixham and photographer Dora Dc. The film encapsulates the dreamy flow state athlete Sarah Rixham finds whilst floating in untouched space on a one inch wide slackline. She uses the cover of night to explore unique urban gaps in the pursuit of this dream-like state induced by highlining. A film by Dora Damian & Sarah Rixham.

Thru Hiking the Appalachian Trail in 100 Days

In 2017, Sarah Williams undertook a solo, unsupported 100 day thru hike of the Appalachian Trail. The trail is the longest hiking only footpath in the world. Starting in Springer Mountain, Georgia the trail weaves through 14 states in America for 2,190 miles before coming to an end at Mount Katahdin in Maine. A film by Sarah Williams.

A foiling adventure

Arthur Ransome’s tales of the adventures of ‘Swallows and Amazons’ sparked my childhood desire to explore the world in a small boat. As I have grown up those childhood dreams have quite literally taken wings. To celebrate 80 years of Arthur Ransome stories, I decided to recreate the classic Swallows and Amazons adventure with a modern twist, by exploring a wild, uninhabited Scottish island in a boat that flies. A film by Katherine Knight.

55 Hours: a Raven’s Call

An Alpkit Mountain Journal – 55 Hours. Drawn out from the raucous sounds of lively inner city life to the raucous call of a solitary Raven echoing amongst the high mountain cliffs, a stark contrast that highlights just how close we are to a little bit of wilderness in our busy little island. With a simple goal in mind, Rachel ends the week with a prompt getaway and hooks up with Jen en-route. Take a risk on the weather and you might get lucky. A film by Dom Bush.

Spend More Time In The WILD

The importance of getting outside for the benefit of mental and physical wellbeing is being discussed more and more as obesity rates maintain record highs and mental health issues affect over 1-4 individuals. Abbie Barnes is a passionate long-distance hiker and has made it her mission to document through film how she overcomes her personal struggles with mental health by challenging herself to move outside of her comfort zone, and in doing so, hopes to encourage others to join her to face up to their own fears and grow to be the best versions of themselves. A film by Abbie Barnes.

The County Top Challenge

Four hikers (one female, three male) take on one of the most demanding hiking challenges in Ireland – to ascend all of the province of Leinster’s County Tops in less than 24 hours, including travel time to and from each location. But will they beat the time challenge? A film by Sarah McCann.

An Incredibly Average Adventurer

I may not be the bravest, the fastest or the most athletic but when it comes to being a woman in adventure, image and ability doesn’t matter; adventure is for everybody. Welcome to my year of adventure. A film by HJ Sims.

The High Way

Hannah and Lucy, two distinctively average cyclists, decide to take on the Himalays for their first bike packing adventure. 475km, 5 mountain passes, several new bike parts and some tears later they realise that the only thing holding them back is themselves (and occasionally the lack of oxygen). What could possibly go wrong? A film by Hannah Price & Lucy Cook.

Miles to Go

“Miles to Go” is a film about refusing to hibernate in winter and the simple pleasure of running in the wilderness. It’s a call to action for women everywhere to explore the trails and discover the incredible potential of their bodies. A film by Laura Kennington.


This is a different kind of adventure, it is a chance to turn a passion into a challenge. The harsh environment of a cold winter beach combined with the serenity of yoga, is how I find my SOLITUDE. A film by Dan Johnson, Bridy Parsons & Ciaran O’Neill.

Climb Like a Girl

Climb Like a Girl is a short documentary made in the popular climbing crag in New Zealand, Paynes Ford, Takaka. It is a documentary featuring six female climbers on a spontaneous adventure set out to climb one of the most classic grade 18 climbs of the whole area: Temples of Stone. This climb is not only a classic because it contains some beautiful moves but also because it has become the “must do naked” climb of the crag. A tradition developed in the Hangdog climbers campsite.  This is a feel good film which highlights the strong sense of bonding that often occurs between female climbers. A film by Christiane Howe & Camilla Howe.

Journey to Winter ML

It’s winter 16/17 and Kirsty only has one goal, to pass her Winter Mountain Leader Assessment. Follow her journey as she prepares and practices her skills while getting out and having fun in the mountains with her friends. A film by Kirsty Pallas.


In August 2017, a team of three women aged 25 to 30 embarked on a quest to discover their own boundaries in an immense, wild and remote territory.They covered 100 km in a few days through the Kuururjuaq National Park, along Mont d'Iberville and crossing the famous Koroc River. A film by Caroline Côté.

Becoming the Wild One

Join Phoebe Smith in Britain's South Downs as she explains her journey from a 'normal' woman (who liked to sleep in a real bed with a mattress and duvet) to an extreme sleeping, wild camping adventurer. Hear about how she balances her 9-to-5 stressful, full-time job with her 5-to-9 adventure seeking, scouring the UK for the ultimate place to pitch her tent or bivvy. A film by Phoebe Smith.

A Northern Soul

This independent film explores climbing though a young woman's eyes, contemplating how, for many people, it is much more than a sport. The film was made on an entry level DSLR photography camera, and with a very low budget: it speaks less of the film quality than of the feelings and joy which climbing brings. A film by Georgia Pearce.


A dedicated physicist makes a discovery in the most unexpected of places. A film by Jo Robbings.

Natural High

Two girls, one mountain. An ascent of the famous Slovakian mountain Krivan in High Tatras mountain range. A film by Sasha Mihalova.


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Women in Adventure Film Competition 2022

The BMC TV Women in Adventure Film Competition is back and accepting submissions for 2022. So dive in, if you have a story to tell or a cause to share it's time to do so!
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