Weakening Net Zero Policies is a Historic Mistake for the UK

Posted by Katy Shilladay on 21/09/2023

The BMC strongly opposes any weakening of net zero policies related to insulating homes, promoting clean heat, and encouraging the adoption of electric vehicles.

The BMC urges the Prime Minister not to weaken these policies, warning that doing so would be a historic mistake, damaging the UK's economy and international climate leadership, especially in the face of worsening global climate crises. The BMC calls for immediate action to combat this pressing global crisis.

Dr Cath Flitcroft, the BMC’s Campaigns and Policy Manager said: “at what point does the climate crisis take priority.  We are disappointed that the message from our own Government is that ‘more time’ is required. That’s just not a luxury we have.”

The BMC, along with other influential organisations, has signed an open letter expressing deep concerns about reported plans. This collective appeal underscores the significance of preserving long-term net zero commitments, emphasising their pivotal role in fostering business confidence and attracting vital investments.



Dear Prime Minister

We are deeply concerned by media reports that you are considering weakening net zero policies related to insulating homes, rolling out clean heat and driving take up of electric vehicles. The business community has already made substantial investments in the net zero transition and made it clear that sticking to long-term net zero policies is crucial to build business confidence and mobilise investment. Watering down these policies would damage the UK’s credibility as a good place for green investment, undermining British competitiveness. We are already losing investment to the US and EU, and rowing back would make it worse.

The Office for Budget Responsibility has recently highlighted the economic benefits of rapid action on net zero, and the increased fiscal and debt risks associated with delay. Smart policies to boost clean technologies like electric vehicles and efficient, low carbon heating and more support for the most vulnerable will lower the cost of living. Sticking with petrol cars and gas boilers increases it. Slowing down the development of clean tech leaves households exposed to volatile fossil fuel markets for longer and puts jobs at risk. It is also costly for the public purse, which spent £40 billion last winter subsidising household energy bills. 

We urge you not to weaken any net zero policies. If you do so, we believe this would be a historic mistake of your premiership, which could do lasting damage to the UK economy. It would also undermine the UK’s international climate leadership at a time when the disastrous effects of climate change are impacting the UK and rest of the world, including the recent flooding in Libya and forest fires in Greece. Now is not the time to delay in the face of the greatest threat facing the world. Now is the time for action.


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This was inevitable! The infrastructure is no where near where it should be , really no where near. We do not have the power generation to deal with this, we are about two thirds as of today and we neede several more nuclear stations to deal with what is required and they take 20/30 years to be ready. We do not have the cables in the ground to take the massive power needs to the ‘pumps’. Sticking the kettle on during Corrie flickers the lights ! Yet alone 70 million cars plugged in! Where is the cobalt, lithium, and all the other rare metals coming from? They have already said there isn’t enough in the ground, how many children can we send down the mines to get it in Africa! They are moving an entire town in Finland to get some they have just found. Great for the earth all that! We have terrible public transport and we have got ourselves stuck! Flying is so much worse and we are not even looking at any of that. Chopping down the rainforests is even worse! But silence! Terrible housing and building practises nope still nothing. Be held the EU to ransom and changed policy despite them being left with thousands of unsold cars that they ship around the world to hid. Elecy isn’t the answer , we should leave it to the boffins to find the R and D independently not pushed down the corridor. I do despair.
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