The Access Management Group

Posted by Estee Farrar on 27/09/2017
Derwent Water from Shepherd's Crag - Photo: Estee Farrar

The BMC's Access & Conservation work is co-ordinated by the Access Management Group (AMG), made up of highly qualified and experienced volunteers with particular areas of expertise.

How does it work? 
The purpose of the AMG is to oversee the BMC’s access and conservation work programme and provide support and guidance on issues of national and/or significant importance to the BMC Access & Conservation Officers, Regional Access Reps and internal Committees including National Council and the Area Committees.  

The Access Management Group (AMG) sets the overall direction for the BMC's access, & conservation & environment work. In broad terms it appoints and oversees the work of a number of sub-groups (set out below) to undertake specific or standing tasks; it controls this activity using task briefs.  

The AMG comprises BMC members who volunteer their relevant skills and experience to promote cliff and mountain conservation and encourage access improvements for the common good of climbers, hill walkers and mountaineers across England and Wales.

In 2012, several BMC sub-groups were created to look in detail at specific access and conservation work areas.  As some of these sub-groups have finished their tasks, they are no longer active. The remaining active groups include:

Conservation & Climbing Working Group

Landscape Working Group

Sustainability Working Group

Brexit Working Group (recruiting/to be formed late 2017)

Membership of these groups has been drawn from across BMC specialist committees, the wider membership as well as external specialists.

Who is involved in AMG? 
Dave Musgrove  (Chair)
Ruth Chambers
Ray Wood
Andy Tickle

Louise Hawson

Ken Taylor

Catherine Flitcroft (Secretary, BMC Access & Conservation Officer (Policy))

Rob Dyer (BMC Access & Conservation Officer (Regions))
Elfyn Jones (BMC Access & Conservation Officer (Wales))

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