Yr Wyddfa y Copa o Eryri: Petition to use Welsh name for Snowdonia National Park

Posted by Thomas Carrick on 17/11/2022
Alice Kerr running along Crib Goch with Yr Wyddfa in the background. Photo: Simon Patton

At a meeting earlier this week, the Snowdonia National Park Committee members voted to use the Welsh names of Eryri (Snowdonia) and Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon) in both Welsh and English context.

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Yn dilyn deiseb a dderbyniodd dros 5000 o lofnodion, ysgogwyd Parc Cenedlaethol Eryri i weithredu i ddefnyddio enwau Cymraeg Eryri (Snowdonia) ac Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon) fel y prif enwau yn y cyd-destun Saesneg a Chymraeg.

Mae hwn yn benderfyniad y gobeithir y bydd yn parhau i rannu’r diwylliant a’r iaith y mae Cymru mor falch ohonynt. Mae hwn yn gam hynod gadarnhaol y mae'r BMC yn ei gefnogi gyda'i ddatblygiad ei hun o bolisi Iaith Gymraeg.
Yr Wyddfa yw mynydd uchaf yn Cymru ar 1085m ac mae'n denu rhwng 350,000 a 400,000 o ymwelwyr y flwyddyn. Gobeithir y bydd y newid hwn yn parhau i rannu’r Gymraeg ag ymwelwyr o bob rhan o’r byd ac i barhau i rannu’r diwylliant sy’n cyd-fynd â hi.
Following a petition that received over 5000 signatures, the National Park in Eryri was spurred to take action to use the Welsh names of Eryri (Snowdonia) and Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon) as the primary names in both English and Welsh context. 

This is a decision that is hoped will continue to share the culture and language that Wales is so deeply proud of. This is a hugely positive step that the BMC supports with its own development of a Welsh Language policy. 

Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon) is the highest mountain in Wales at 1085m and attracts between 350,000 and 400,000 visitors a year. This change will hopefully continue to share the Welsh language with visitors from all over the world and to continue to share the culture that goes with it.  

For further information follow the link to the national parks website. 

Paper on Place Names Principles approved in order to safeguard and celebrate Welsh place names within the National Park | Snowdonia National Park (gov.wales)


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Anonymous User
That seems like an eminently sensible decision. Much more evocative names too. Now if they can get rid of the dumb "Hellfire Pass" nickname in favour of the original name, that would be welcome too I suspect.
It's always been annoying to me that some climbers, mountaineers and hikers think that they have naming rights over something they have gone up.
A climber claimed naming rights over a small coastal cove near me. "Box bay" he called it after thinking he was the first to climb it. Its real name is Gwter Grin Y Locs (a far more meaningful name). And whilst he thought he was the first one up it, with his bolts and tights and such, I had gone up it 20 years earlier as an 11 year old in bathing trunks and bare feet.
Anonymous User
I'm thinking that the majority who voted are Welsh it doesn't matter even if they charge other names To the people around the world it will Always be Mount Snowdon .If the Welsh want to call it whatever it doesn't matter .
Anonymous User
As it should be :)
Anonymous User
I genuinely think that other nations shouldn’t forcibly be making changes to another’s language.
Call it what it’s called in English, call it what it’s called in Welsh.
That’s like an English person saying that Lloegr should only be referred to as England or a French person demanding that Llydaw be called Bretagne.
Anonymous User
Amazing 5k signed to change the name to primary be in Welsh format and it happened, 470k people signed the petition against the blanket 20mph and nothing,Now that's not what I would call democratic
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