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List of National Shooting Team Members

List of National Shooting Team Members ... “Chinese Music Loud…With Black Underwear”
Hangzhou Asian Games shooting national team undergoes 'intensive training for finals' in Changwon
“I’m going to play Chinese music loudly at the shooting range and train myself to adapt to the field.”
“I’ll wear black underwear and get good grades.
The Korea Shooting Federation held a media day for the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games shooting national team to be held this month at the Changwon International Shooting Range in Gyeongsangnam-do on the afternoon of the 5th.
The Korean team, with 35 athletes participating in all shooting events, won three gold medals and followed China in overall shooting. 온라인카지노
Aiming for second place, we have been training in Changwon since the 2nd.
Shooting general manager Hong Seung-pyo said at the media day on this day, "I entered the Jincheon Athletes' Village at the end of the Asian Games selection last April and have been training by participating in domestic and international competitions. “I will do my best to achieve my goal,” he pledged.
Coach Hong, who said, "Through the World Championships, I have realized the high performance of 'shooting powerhouses' China and India," said, "Jung Yu-jin (Cheongju City Hall) in the 10m running target, Lee Eun-seo (Seosan City Hall) in the 50m rifle 3-position, and 25m rapid fire target. “
I expect a total of three gold medals, including Song Jong-ho (IBK) in the pistol,” he said.
The national shooting team has left the Jincheon Athletes' Village and is concentrating on practicing at the Changwon International Shooting Range, where the actual finals venue is located.
Coach Hong said, “I plan to see who will compete in the finals,” and added, “China is the best in the world, but the cheering of the crowd at home can be a burden, which can make them more nervous.
“Our players will be less nervous,” he predicted.
The goal of Song Jong-ho (IBK), who is participating in the 25m rapid fire pistol individual and team events in his third Asian Games, is to win two Asian Games gold medals.
“I won a gold medal in the team event at the 2014 Incheon Games, but unfortunately I did not make it to the finals of the individual event at the second Asian Games.
“I want to win two gold medals in the team event and individual event in the third competition,” he confidently said.
“Korea’s skills are superior to China’s,” said Song Jong-ho. “I don’t have a rival, but I was inspired by China’s Li Yuehong, who recently set a new world record.”
He threw down a challenge, saying, "I will try my best at the Asian Games."
Song Jong-ho said, "In shooting, mental strength ultimately determines the medal," and added, "I also had the experience of being eliminated from the national team selection event for the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, and I participated in the 2018 Jakarta and Palembang competitions.
At the Asian Games, they went through many hardships, including being eliminated in the preliminaries.
“I think that if I maintain my condition and skills and finish the race, the results will naturally follow,” said
Song Jong-ho, whose personality type test (MBTI) score is more than 90% E (Extrovert).
“Even among the most active rapid-fire pistol players, I am the loudest.”
“I think so,” he said, laughing.
Bomi Kim (IBK), who is competing in the 10m air pistol, said, "As the competition approaches, I am concentrating on basic physical training such as weight training, running, and mountain climbing.
I am also practicing to shoot more naturally and boldly.
My goal is to stand on the podium." He said.
Kim Bomi, who finished 24th in the individual competition at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, looked back and said, "At the time, the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19) was in full swing, so I was very nervous because I could not participate properly in international competitions," and added, "This time, I was a high-level player by consistently participating in international competitions.
“We have maintained our performance among the players,” he said.
Kim Bomi, who is also worried about crowd issues, said, "I plan to practice with Chinese music played loudly through the speakers at the Jincheon Athletes' Village.
I want to train every day with the mindset of focusing on the present and play better than before."
Lee Eun-seo, who is competing in the 50m rifle 3-position and 10m air rifle competitions, said, "I want to calmly apply what I've practiced so far and win a gold medal in the rifle 3-position, which is the event I'm more confident in."
Lee Eun-seo said, "I blamed myself for being eliminated several times in the Olympic and Asian Games selection competitions," and said that she will approach the Asian Games by having her own routine, such as setting a certain number of breaths before shooting, and by thinking positively in stressful situations. I promised.
Jeong Yu-jin, who competes in the 10m running target, introduced her jinx by saying, “I think I get good results if I shoot wearing black underwear.”
He said that he was greatly influenced by the ‘shooting emperor’ Jin Jong-oh (retired) and said, “He is a legendary player in shooting, so he is a player I want to emulate.”
Jeong Yu-jin, who said that the most difficult time was when running target was excluded from the official event at the 2016 National Sports Festival, said, "Even after joining a gun company, I continued to practice individually at the Taereung shooting range and in my room, and when running target returned to the official event, I also worked with my current team. “I was able to sign a contract,” he said.
The Asian Games shooting team will check its performance at the National Police Agency Janggi National Shooting Competition to be held from the 8th to the 14th, and then leave for Hangzhou, China, divided into three times on the 20th, 22nd, and 24th.


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