Climbing Wall Leading Award (CWLA)

What is the Climbing Wall Leading Award (CWLA)?

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Anonymous User
as a not very experienced leader 20 yrs ago I remember belaying like this picture shows .A diabolical habit we picked up from the wall .If you try it when you are seconding trad and your partner falls off you will probably rip out half his pro and be dragged into the rock exaggerating his fall and significantly increasing the risk factor.You should actually stand as close to the wall as possible without causing drag.
Anonymous User
I agree with you but this is a course designed to teach people the required skills to lead climb in an indoor bolted enviroment. The shown tequnique in the video suites perpose well as it puts the force mainly through gear and not the climber, meaning that injury is less likely, gear can be replaced but a clean reputation of a center can't. When someone starts to climb outdoor bolted route's this tequnique can still be use but as you say keeping the belay in a direct position will cause the forces through the bolts to be vertical and not horizontal, which may cause searing of a bolt or the bolt to be pulled out. When climbing with placed protection this is even more important as protection pieces may only be safe in a small direction of force. These skills are acquired through experience and are not meant to be learned in an indoor lead climbing course. Different methods for different scenarios is the key point here. You don't learn fractions before you can count to ten and the same is true in every thing else.
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