Liability insurance for club members

A summary of BMC Affiliated Club Liability Insurance Cover

"The (Insurance) Company will provide Indemnity…….to pay damages in respect of claims arising out of the conduct of the Business made against the Insured…"

The "Insured" is the BMC Affiliated Club, and the "Business" means the normal activities of the club including ownership/occupation of a hut for Club purposes.

So the policy covers affiliated clubs and the members for any claim made for any civil liability arising in connection with mountaineering or other club activities due to negligence.

The cover has no territorial limits and is not subject to an excess. The limit of indemnity in respect of any claim made during the period of insurance is £10,000,000 for any one event, including claims arising from breach of professional duty with the exception that in respect of goods sold or supplied - products liability claims - the limit of indemnity applies to an aggregate of all events during any one period of insurance.

The club and its committee are insured for any event or activity, social, recreational or sporting that they organise and participate in. This includes damage to others' property or injury to other persons, or loss due to goods supplied, errors and omissions, advice given or not given, cross liability member-to-member, trespass, libel, and slander. It also includes liability as property owner or occupier of a Club Hut used as accommodation.

The members of the club resident in the UK are insured for liability claims made by third parties (including other club members) for any club activity and as an individual for climbing, mountaineering and abseiling and all associated activities such as mountain walking and scrambling. Additionally activities such as ski mountaineering, occasional mountain biking and caving, are covered provided the activities are non-competitive and are SECONDARY to the activities of the club (i.e. are not the main activity of the club - it would be assumed that a club whose prime activity is caving, for example, would be affiliated to and have insurance through the British Caving Association (BCA)). The cover does NOT apply to those who are acting as professional mountain guides, instructors, etc.

The cover includes events like a club meet, a fundraising sponsored walk or "disco", or an open-day at the club hut etc. It includes websites, newsletters, committees, officials and voluntary helpers - in connection with any club-organised event or activity. If non-club members are involved they would not have liability insurance in their own right, but the Club would be covered if a legal action for negligence should be brought against it, its officials or members. However, it does NOT include supervision of, or advice or instruction given to non-members of the Club or BMC - Professional or Instructor's Indemnity would be required for this.*

* NB. The only exception to this is in the case of a BMC member /affiliate who is consolidating his ML log book experience whilst working towards an award, eg WGL, MLA or SPA.

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