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Fixed Gear Guidance on North West Crags and Quarries

UPLOADED ON 05/09/2022

Guidance reflecting the climbing ethics and views of the North West on the use of fixed gear, and voted through at Wilton Fest in September 2022.

File size: 60.28kb

Fixed Gear on North Wales Rock Climbs - General Advice and Guidance

UPLOADED ON 29/07/2022

Guidelines on placing or replacing fixed gear on climbs in North Wales, agreed at the BMC Cymru North Wales Area Meeting held on 6 July 2021.

File size: 268.77kb

Bolts - an Installers' guide

UPLOADED ON 04/03/2021

Published in 2021, a guide to current good practice for the installation of bolt anchors and lower off's.

File size: 10.18mb

Bolts: a climbers' guide

UPLOADED ON 12/10/2018

An online guide covering how to assess the safety of bolts and lower-off's when sport climbing outside. 

File size: 11.57mb

Passive protection: a guide for climbers and mountaineers

UPLOADED ON 15/12/2017

This guide contains useful information on:

Types of passive protection

Using passive protection

Materials and construction

Care and maintenance

File size: 12.88mb

Harnesses – a guide for climbers and mountaineers

UPLOADED ON 27/11/2015

This free guide will navigate you through the variety of different types of climbing and mountaineering harness, offering advice on how to look after your harness to maximise its lifetime and helping you determine when to retire it from use.

File size: 14.34mb

Ropes - a guide for climbers and mountaineers

UPLOADED ON 11/08/2014

A free print ready pdf, containing everything you need to know about ropes and accessory cord for climbers and mountaineers.

  • The different types of rope
  • Which rope for which task
  • Looking after your ropes
  • Useful background info including fall factors

File size: 3.35mb
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