BMC Specialist Committees

Much of the work of the BMC is overseen by specialist committees made up of volunteers with relevant skills and experience, who guide the work of BMC staff.

Specialist committee terms of reference for each committee were last approved by the Board at its meeting on 12 February 2020.  A review of the work undertaken by each committee was provided to the Board and Council in January 2022. 

A review of all specialist committees' terms of reference is underway with a view to new terms of reference being implemented by the end of 2022.  These will be uploaded to our website once approved. 

The BMC’s specialist committees are:

Access Management Group

The Access Management Group sets the overall direction for the BMC's access, conservation & environment work, and oversees the work of sub-groups. It also monitors the work of the BMC access officers, offering advice, support and guidance on issues of national and/or significant importance.

READ: Access Management Group: 2020 Terms of Reference

Clubs Committee

The Clubs Committee discusses matters relating to and of interest to clubs and facilitates the sharing of information between clubs. It also facilitates communication and consultation by the BMC with affiliated clubs on all matters relating to clubs.

READ: Clubs Committee: 2020 Terms of Reference

Equity Steering Group

The Equity Steering Group provides support on equity issues as needed by the BMC. It also oversees the development, implementation and ongoing review of the BMC Equity Action Plan.

READ: Equity Steering Group: 2020 Terms of Reference

Guidebook Committee

The Guidebook Committee is responsible for the compilation, publication and distribution of definitive and select rock climbing guides to the Peak and Pennine Area, and for maintaining a comprehensive historical record of rock climbing within that area.

READ: Guidebook Committee: 2020 Terms of Reference

Hill Walking Group

The Hill Walking Group considers what the full offer for hill walking within the BMC should look like as well as looking to increase the number of hill goers who have an awareness and appreciation of what the BMC does for hill walkers.  It responds to growing participation in hill walking by seeking ways to spread messages about safety and good conduct in the outdoors and helps to organise and deliver hill walking weekends as part of this. 

Huts Group

The Huts Group represents the BMC’s interest where it has a direct involvement in the operation of a hut. It also offers advice, guidance and support to BMC affiliated clubs on the running of club huts.

READ: Huts Group: 2020 Terms of Reference

International Committee

The International Committee supports British mountaineers travelling overseas, formulates policies and advises on all aspects of mountaineering where there is an international dimension. It organises international climbing meets in the UK, and awards grants to British expeditions attempting adventurous and progressive mountaineering overseas.

READ: International Committee: 2020 Terms of Reference

Land Management Group

The Land Management Group advises the BMC on legal, management and policy matters relating to land acquisition and management. It oversees the management of land in which the BMC has a freehold or leasehold interest, and other land where the BMC has land or access management responsibilities.

READ: Land Management Group: 2020 Terms of Reference

Technical Committee

The Technical Committee provides an informed source of technical knowledge and equipment advice on safety related mountaineering equipment and its use. It undertakes technical investigation and reporting of incidents involving equipment submitted by individuals, organisations or retailers.

READ: Technical Committee: 2020 Terms of Reference

Training, Youth & Walls Committee

The Training, Youth & Walls Committee oversees the running of the BMC’s training events, specialist training programme, and youth programme. It also oversees the BMC’s involvement with climbing walls and the work of the Child Safeguarding Group. The committee provides guidance, advice and support to those who climb, hill walk and mountaineer to help them become independent and make the transition from one aspect of the sport to another.

READ: Training, Youth & Walls Committee: 2020 Terms of Reference

Interested in joining a BMC Specialist Committee?

If you have specific skills or knowledge which you think could benefit the work of one of the specialist committees and are interested in getting involved, contact Tony Ryan at the BMC office: Email; Phone 0161 438 3334.

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