Bus Stop Quarry

Llanberis Slate

A very accessible disused slate quarry in Dinorwig, with mainly sports climbs but also some very good trad routes. In recent years a large number of easier sports routes have been developed, but loose rock remains on many.


Crag information
Climbing Area: Wales Rock Type: Slate
Importance: Regional CRoW Land: No
Ownership: Local Authority No. of Routes: 60
Within National Park: No Year Developed: 1985
Grid Reference: SH592612

Please avoid damaging fences - use the stiles provided. Historically there were access problems here, partially as a result of liability concerns and also due to damage to fences, but these appear to be resolved at this time.

There has been significant rock fall across this area over the past few years, climbers should check the route and be aware of more collapsing rock. Routes that have been affected are Septuagenarian, Guillotine, Wusty Wolf and possibly the start of Fool’s Gold.



Group Advice

Frequently used by groups, but lots of loose rock remains!

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Anonymous User
There may be a number of bolts on these routes (on the immediate left when entering the quarry arena) but a good long look at what utter garbage those bolts are placed in would be very highly recommended. It wasn't the technical difficulty that persuaded earlier explorers to leave those walls well alone!
Anonymous User
It looked to me today (4/6/2020) that there's been a sizable rockfall affecting Guillotine and Wusty Woof. Certainly looks different to the guidebook, has a large rock scar, a lot of stuff on the ground and a fair bit of rubble still lying on the routes mid way up.