Tintagel Head (Il Duce)


A fantastic windswept headland with the remains of a medieval settlement, plenty of Arthurian legend and a selection of challenging adventure routes including the classic Il Duce.

Crag information
Climbing Area: South West & Southern Rock Type: Other
Importance: National CRoW Land: No
Ownership: Estate No. of Routes: 23
Within National Park: No Year Developed: 1970
Grid Reference: SX048889

Further to discussions between English Heritage and the BMC in late 2021 / early 2022 the following access agreement was reached in May 2022:

1. Climbing is allowed in April, May, June, July & September only; climbing is not permitted in August.

2. Climbers must be current BMC members and hold public liability insurance to the value of £15 million (note: this is standard with BMC membership).

3. Permission must be sought no less than 5 days in advance by contacting the English Heritage Tintagel office (email: Tintagel.Castle@english-heritage.org.uk); your BMC membership will be checked before permission is granted, please provide the following for each climber in your email: full name, date of birth, address, date you intend climbing at Tintagel

4. Climbers must report to the main site entrance office (near the new bridge) between 9.00-10.00am; English Heritage staff will then accompany climbers to the access point before the site is opened to the public at 10.00am.

5. It is assumed that climbers will come well-prepared with up-to-date guidebook information detailing the nature of climbing and the particular access points for High Cliff (Il Duce) and North Cliff.

6. Access is limited to 4 climbers per day and the normal admission charge will apply.

Sensitivities do still remain over climbing at Tintagel so please respect these arrangements. The site is a popular tourist destination so please keep a low profile and out of view as much as possible (when gearing up etc).


Restrictions apply from 1 October - 1 April.

Reason: Public Safety

The 'permitted climbing' months are April, May, June, July & September. Climbing is not permitted in August as this is the busiest month for general visitors to the site.

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