Intake Quarry

Peak Limestone

Disused quarry with a number of bolted and trad lines.

Crag information
Climbing Area: Peak District Rock Type: Limestone
Importance: Local CRoW Land: No
Ownership: Private No. of Routes: 26
Within National Park: No Year Developed: 2003
Grid Reference: SK270551

The landowner does not permit climbing on this site and all details are recorded to preserve the historical record. This site has been the subject of a major rockfall in the past  when the back wall collapsed and whilst the front faces look OK, significant fissures behind them may make them seriously unstable. Following this large rockfall, a fence has been erected below the cliff to prevent public access. 

Parking and Approach

Don't park on the track recommended in guidebooks as it blocks access for farm machinery. The best parking location is at the pay and display car park at Middleton Top - a 10min walk away.

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Anonymous User
Twp points .There are in excess of 180 routes here not 26 as stated and the fence around the quarry is small not large ,just over a metre
Anonymous User
Parking at the gate entrance has been restricted with a couple of cones and timber blocking the access road. Assume by the people who own the caravans. Park at Middleton Top carpark instead.
Anonymous User
Parking at the quarry has been restricted by the owner of the track leading to the quarry,NOT by the owner of the caravans!!!!
Anonymous User
Replying to the comment regarding the restricted parking with cones and timber, we passed the caravan owner the other day and he wanted to assure us that he did not put this in place, and that it was the landowner himself.
Anonymous User
PLEASE PARK AT THE PAY& DISPLAY not in front the quarry or on the private dirt track.
Tarmac and the farmers are getting pissed off so we may lose access if we continue parking at the quarry and on the private road.

The farmer(s) placed the cones because often they couldn't feed their kettle because of the cars parked along the track and they are getting pissed off understandably!
A couple week ago someone broke their spine in Intake and the emergency services couldn't access the quarry because of the parking around the access gate. The services told off the farmer for not stopping the cars from parking there.
The bloke with the van is working for Tarmac and the farmers trying to keep cars away and picking up litter after people.
(I've spoken to the farmer yesterday, he told me about all this)
Anonymous User
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