Upper Dinorwic Slate Quarries

Llanberis Slate

Includes Australia, Dali's Hole, California, Lost World and Twll Mawr. Awesome quarried architecture with many of the imaginatively named routes taking powerful lines and amazing 'non-lines'. A whole different world from the terrain further up the pass. The site was designated as part of a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2021.

Crag information
Climbing Area: Wales Rock Type: Slate
Importance: National CRoW Land: No
Ownership: Utilities Company No. of Routes: 400
Within National Park: Yes Year Developed: 1970
Grid Reference: SH595606

July 2018 - Major rockfall affects Lost World/Mordor areas. In recent years there have been significant and massive rockfalls (hundreds if not thousands of tons of rock)  in this area, and in early July another significant rockfall occured here, that would have wiped out anyone in this area at the time. There is further significant and unpredictable rockfall likley here and it would be prudent to avoid this area. 

The Upper Dinorwig quarries are mainly owned by First Hydro. Access for climbing or any access away from the designated footpaths is not permitted by the landowners, due to liability concerns. However it's rare for climbers to be asked to leave and in general it appears that if climbers keep a low profile, avoid damaging fences, do not interfere with any of the power station buildings or apparatus or any of the historic structures within the quarry that climbing is possible. Access to the whole of the upper quarries have become especially sensitive in recent years and climbers should not gather in large numbers, especially at Dali's Hole area. Bolts have been removed from Dali's Hole by a local climber (late 2010) who was concerned that continued use of this venue by large groups of climbers would jeopardise access to the whole site. There have also been a number of reported altercations between climbers and First Hydro security staff over the years at this venue.

BMC advice remains unchanged - the landowners do not give permission for public access (including for climbing) away from the public paths. Please do not damage fences or signs and if accosted by security staff, please be courteous and report any issues to the BMC.

Parking and Approach

Parking for this area is quickest from Allt Ddu (Bus stop), parking in this area can be very busy particularly on weekends and holidays, please park with consideration and ease for the bus and emergency vehicles to access. Its worth considering other venues on busy days. 

Group Advice

Large groups, especially over 10 in number (organised or informal) are requested to avoid gathering in any one area, especially Dali's Hole due to increasing liability concerns by First Hydro. Due to no official access agreement its likely that insurance will not cover commercial groups.

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