West Chevin Boulders

West Yorkshire Gritstone

It iwas onced thought these problems and routes would never achieve classic status due to the prevailing greenery but don’t be fooled, some good, and a few truly excellent, problems stay clean. A moment or two with a brush will liberate several more from their winter cloak. Once clean, good rock and varying degrees of technicality can provide a good half-day, or longer if some of the harder challenges are accepted! Being sheltered it is a useful venue on windy or hot days but don’t come after rain and always bring a brush.

Crag information
Climbing Area: Yorkshire Rock Type: Gritstone
Importance: Local CRoW Land: No
Ownership: Unknown No. of Routes: 50
Within National Park: No Year Developed:
Grid Reference: SE194441

Parking and Approach

From the Royalty Public House drive down the hill towards Guiseley/Menston.  Pass the main car Surprise View parking on the right and then another. Soon after the last building on the right and a track leading off to the left there is a parking space (also on the left and opposite a narrow gate and footpath on the right). The path leads across a field and enters a wood. Turn right and follow the path for 100m until the first group of boulders are found. This should be the Raynman Area - a small edge with two substantial boulders in front of it.  Keep going past more boulders and reach the Testing Block left of which the edge dwindles. The lower area is straight on (downhill) from the point where you enter the wood.

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Weather Information

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