South Coast Chalk

From where the Brighton landscaped chalk cliffs end, Saltdean begins - this area continues from here to the start of Telscombe, past the water treatment plant.

Crag information
Climbing Area: London & South East Rock Type: Chalk
Importance: Regional CRoW Land: No
Ownership: Unknown No. of Routes: 52
Within National Park: No Year Developed: 1983
Grid Reference: 385 018

There are two types of climbing here: ‘traditional’ Dover-style ice climbing and sport-chalk (using pre-placed gear and lower-offs). The former lie on the cliffs immediately east of the beach at Saltdean (below the Lido), and the sport-chalk routes on both this cliff and the cliff east of the beach below The Smugglers Rest pub in Telescombe Cliffs (the name of the place not the cliff). All recent activity has been on the sport-chalk routes. The coastguards at the Solent Maritime Rescue Co-ordinating Centre (MRCC), should be phoned on (02392) 552100 before and after climbing. The chalk cliffs from Brighton to Newhaven and the wave-cut platform at their base are designated as an SSSI. Although the main interest of the site is geological, some rare and uncommon plants grow on the cliff face and in the narrow strip of cliff-top chalk grassland. The cliffs support a locally important colony of breeding seabirds, and a diverse community of beetles and spiders.

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Anonymous User
A few new routes up there now that don't feature on route pdf
Anonymous User
We've been climbing down here a few times recently and begun to replace anchor ropes and a few bolts here and there. Pretty much all of the routes associated with the east side have gone.
Anonymous User
The Smugglers rest pub car park now has 24/7 automatic parking control, either park in the car park 100yds further east or register your vehicle details in the pub if it's open.