Rivelin Edge

Eastern Gritstone

Superb south facing grit crag in oak/birch woodland setting.

Crag information
Climbing Area: Peak District Rock Type: Gritstone
Importance: Regional CRoW Land: No
Ownership: Private No. of Routes: 136
Within National Park: Yes Year Developed: 1928
Grid Reference: SK280873

The woods are owned and managed for low volume timber extraction (mostly birch). The new owner (as of 2023) has no objection to climbing along the length of the edge. However, the following is expected of all visiting climbers:

  • Approach the crag via its left end using the path which runs between a wall on your left and a stream on your right.
  • Do not approach the main body of the crag directly from the footpath beneath.
  • No felling or cutting of trees without prior permission from the landowner via the BMC. Any approved work of this nature to be carried out by competent individuals only and subject to written risk assessment. 
  • The owner has no objection to the removal of holly, gorse, bramble and ivy. However, in all cases prior consent must still be sought.
  • Please leave no litter, and remove any you find.

Tawny owls sometimes nest on the crag in the spring (previously on Kremlin Crack or Roof Route) - if present avoid the route(s) they are occupying until the nest is vacated.

Tawny owls have been known to viciously attack  people climbing near their nest, so please steer well clear of these routes until the chicks have fledged, both for the benefit of the birds and your own wellbeing.

Parking and Approach

Limited parking is available in the public carpark on the south side of Rivelin dam on Wyming Brook Drive, and on the drive itself.

Follow the footpath uphill from the road. When a green sign on the right is reached break left on a smaller path continuing uphill where the PRoW goes right. Follow this until some rock steps are reached at the edge line, where an easy stream crossing on the right is accessible leading to Birch Buttress. Alternatively continue up and along the top of the edge.

To access the far right buttresses (previously out of bounds) it is best to follow the top of the edge and drop down at each individual buttress. Please avoid crossing the fern filled stream below edge level just right of the first buttress.

Group Advice

The landowner has stipulated no instructional groups.

Area information

Weather Information

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Anonymous User
There are owls nesting near rhodedendron crack the E1 offwidth. Recommend avoiding this part of the crag for now
Anonymous User
Birds nesting (eggs reported seen) late april 2022 on Roof route(hvs5b)/Groove route (hvs5b), towards right hand end of rivelin edge, please avoid these and neighbouring routes.