Problems mainly in lower grades on good rock & over good landings. One desperate!

Crag information
Climbing Area: North East Rock Type: Sandstone
Importance: CRoW Land: No
Ownership: Unknown No. of Routes: 25
Within National Park: No Year Developed:
Grid Reference: NU045022

Parking and Approach

Follow the high level road up the hillside from opposite the County Hotel at the west end of the main street in Rothbury. Continue parallel to the main road to 50 metres short of a post box & junction. Limited parking on the LH side of the road. A drive on the right leads through a gate and apparently up to a house. Follow the drive round to the left, through a gate and into the quarry. Go through the quarry and continue into the field below the crag, go round the back of the house to join the track up towards the crag.
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Weather Information

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