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Advice Gowbarrow (Yew Crag)

Pleasantly situated 3-buttress outcrop above the Pooley Bridge - Patterdale road.

BMC Area Lake District Rock Type Volcanic
Climbing Area Eastern Crags Access Status Advice
County Cumbria CRoW Land Yes
Importance Local No. of Routes 24
Ownership Forestry Commission Year Developed 1960
Within National Park Yes Grid Reference NY414205

Gowbarrow is a Site of Special Scientific Interest and is subject to a Code of Practice agreed between the National Trust, English Nature and the British Mountaineering Council. The Code of Practice is for groups of climbers (individuals are not affected) and states that:

1. Group use of the crag is confined to the Lower Buttress.
2. All belaying is to be from the bottom of the buttress
3. Group movement is confined to the immediate area at the bottom of the buttress.
4. A group booking system is operated by Ullswater Outward Bound School to prevent overcrowding. Following rockfall in December 2005, the National Trust strongly recommend leaders of groups arrange an on-site briefing with Ullswater Outward Bound who are willing to share their experience and site specific risk assessments.

Due care with the rock should be taken as there have been rock falls.

Group use of the lower-tier has been reinstated by the National Trust. Groups can now use the central part of the crag, left of the rockfall debris. They should contact The Outward Bound (Ullswater) on 017684 85000 for details of the restored access and informal booking arrangements.

With implimentation of the CRoW Act (2000), many Lakes fells and crags now have an Open Access designation. They also have many nationally important bird and plant species dependant on inaccessible crags/ledges and heather/mixed heath environments for survival. During the bird nesting period, a number of species can be vulnerable to disturbance. The Lake District restrictions are monitored, variable (VR) and reviewed in April/May. If the birds do not nest, restrictions are lifted early. Check the BMC and FRCC websites in early May for details. New restrictions will be notified on the websites and with on-site notices. To view the BMC's Lake District Green Climbing Guide click this link:

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