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Restrictions/ Sensitive Access Avon Gorge (Main Wall)

The broad, sheer cliff of grey limestone that sits at the centre of the gorge.

BMC Area South West & Southern Rock Type Limestone
Climbing Area Avon and Somerset Access Status Restrictions/ Sensitive Access
County Avon CRoW Land No
Importance Regional No. of Routes 102
Ownership Private Year Developed 1955
Within National Park No Grid Reference ST563740

Pitch 1 of 'Preter' is reportedly in a seriously unstable condition above the initial roofs, with potential to collapse on anyone climbing through it. A better option MAY be to use the first pitch of 'Malbogies' to access the upper pitches of 'Preter' - however climbers should still excercise caution as this pitch has also been known to shed holds.

The Portway (busy road beneath the crags of the Avon Gorge) will be closed to traffic on the following days in 2015 from 6am to dusk:

31st May
14th June
21st June
13th Sept
25th Oct


Restrictions apply from  1 March - 30 June. Reason - Nesting Birds

The nesting restriction covers the Main Wall right-hand section between Malady and Pink Wall Traverse inclusive. The routes affected include Mercavity, Depravity, Coup d'Etat, Comedy of Errors, Bristol Unillustrated, Changeling, Space Invader, The Evening Light, Polar Reaches, Lich Gates, Peryl and Pink Wall Traverse.

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