Regional Access Database

How to find the latest access advice for cliffs in England and Wales. Choose one of the following:


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Reporting access issues

If you are in any doubt about any particular access arrangement, or need to report an incident, please contact your local BMC Access Representative or the BMC Regional Access Officers: Rob Dyer (England) and Elfyn Jones (Wales).

About the Regional Access Database

The BMC has made every effort to ensure the validity of information in this database, but please help us keep up to date. Please send any comments to Rob Dyer or use the feedback form linked to individual sites.


This database is not meant to be a comprehensive list of all the crags in the country - only those with special access arrangements or advice. The inclusion of certain crags does not imply a right of access for climbing or hill walking. If a crag is not featured on this database then you can assume that it has no access issues. Enjoy.

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