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To be a good reader, it is not enough to read texts and more texts. It is necessary to learn to question the discourse and obtain information about it. The following exercises are designed so that children, in the primary stage, develop their reading comprehension. Best Academic Writer professional essays online
 How to improve reading comprehension
Reading comprehension
There are three levels in reading comprehension: first when we are able to identify the central elements of the text literally; second, when we can interpret what we have read; and third, when from the reading we can give our personal opinion or make judgments.
A reading that is understood, analyzed and from which a point of view arises will have the possibility of remaining in the long-term memory. And once there, you can relate to other sources of information and reach new knowledge.
Each of the blocks includes a theme and is increasing in complexity. In this way, the reader according to their interests-will choose which frame to start and advance depending on their ability to understand the text.
Readings to improve reading comprehension
Important aspects of reading comprehension
What is reading?
Reading means recognizing letters as words and phrases and being able to enunciate them. Although reading does not necessarily mean understanding. The understanding of reading can only be given if the reader knows, in the first instance, the meaning of most words. Thus, we have two members involved in the reading process: the text and the reader.
Understanding goes beyond reading; it is the mental process through which the reader is assimilated, thought, reasoned and given meaning. This process implies the recognition of previous information that is updated with the new one.
Each reader will understand the written text depending on their ability to understand and give meaning to the relevant ideas, to assimilate, analyze and interpret the written message and to relate the content of the text with the previous knowledge that each one possesses, of the skill and the practice that each one has reading texts.
Factors that play an important role in reading comprehension:
The knowledge that the reader has of the meaning of the words in the text.
The ideas, concepts, and culture of each reader.
The ability to question and judge a text.
Exercises to improve reading comprehension
Step by step: the key to reading
For a child to get square roots in his mathematics course, he must know how to multiply and know the basic equations. In the same way, for a child to understand certain texts, he must first have in his memory, in his mental file, the schemes that allow him to explain a new text.
With each new reading, these schemes are updated and expanded. A child who has read a sufficient number of stories with a classical structure can easily deduce the outcome of a story, will know that the main character will be victorious and that the antagonist will receive his punishment.
The good reader is not born but is made. By this we mean, that reading is not inherent in the human being but requires a process of learning and practice. To become good readers, children should exercise in reading.
The exercises that you will find below are intended for children to learn to question the text and find answers in it. On the other hand, in them, you will find data of general culture so that your horizon is extended and you are able to relate different knowledge.
Classics on everyone's lips
Classic stories to improve reading comprehensionThree little pigs. © Maria Neradova
Myths: a look at the past
Myths to improve reading comprehensionGreek Gods. © Gregory Hartman
Great characters
 Biographies of great characters to improve reading comprehension Scientists Illustration. © Worawulns
 Readings to improve reading comprehension Axolotl © Alice Sellers-Subocz
 Exercises to improve reading comprehension Solar System © Anton Fritzler
Just by reading, children become good readers; on the one hand, because they acquire the ability to question the text, and on the other, because they form cultural baggage that will allow them to relate the information they receive to the one they already have.
A child who knows the classic stories and reflects on them will be able to recognize them in the multiple reinterpretations that are still being made. The stories that were born of morality and were taken up by writers of the past are still valid in our present because they are still a source of reflections. Therefore, we believe it is important that children develop their reading comprehension while knowing the classic stories that remain on everyone's lips.
1. Classic stories
The classics are stories that are told over and over again, in one way or another, with one ending or another, and that continue to exist because they have passed from voice to voice, from book to book. The grandmothers told their grandchildren; In turn, they heard them from their grandmothers when they were little; and these grandmothers heard them from their grandmothers or from a book or a storyteller or from what I know. What we want to say is that a classic story goes through all periods and is not lost or forgotten on the way because children still like it, because they want to be like some of the characters, these imaginary beings that appear in the story, or because they help them understand the world in which we live.



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