North Wales Chair’s update

Posted by Tim Jepson on 28/10/2019

BMC Cymru developments, volunteering, and of course, the AGM.

I feel that is has been a rather quiet autumn for me in respect of BMC matters, but that is largely due to me being able to rely on Neal Hockley's efforts, who is working hard behind the scenes to develop the paper which will outline the options for the BMC's future in Wales.

Neal has not only produced the detailed draft paper to a very tight time schedule, but taken part in numerous tele-conferences, presented the draft to National Council and reacted to all the feedback coming from the Board and the ORG.  The final document won't be formally presented to the Wales areas for comment until the first 2020 meetings, in March, but I look forward to Neal updating members on the direction of current thinking, and answering questions, during the forthcoming North Wales November meeting.  Thanks for all your work on this, Neal.

Of course, Neal's work is entirely voluntary, and my early preparations for the AGM (November 19th at the Beacon) have reminded me of the need to encourage members to think about volunteering a little of their time next year to act as a representative for our area.  In particular, it has been suggested that we 'elect a single secretary' to support the Chair, and even the Chair himself (i.e. me!) will have to be re-appointed, or replaced, after two years in the hot-seat.  I am prepared to stand again for one more year, but I would be equally happy to step aside for anyone interested.  Please note that I do intend to step down, after three years in the role, at the November 2020 AGM.  Jemma Powell and Martyn Eade have put themselves forward to share the role of Youth Co-ordinator, which is excellent news, and I am sure their appointments will be supported by members in November.  Thanks Jemma and Martyn.

If a future BMC Cymru is constituted in such a way that it can command genuine influence in Cardiff, volunteering in Wales is likely to move on to a new level of importance.  It could soon be time for more members to take on volunteering responsibilities, in order that we can take ownership of the opportunities available to us.

On November 14th, in Manchester, the BMC is holding a conference called 'Challenging Behaviours' looking at the 'big' issues of travel, transport, litter, sanitation etc. and how hill-users can reduce their impact on the places they love.  Both Elfyn and I are going; if you are too, let's share transport and start the day with the best of intentions to do our bit.

The agenda of the November 19th area meeting will include the usual local access information and concerns, but if you have anything else for me to add to the agenda, please contact me with details.

I hope to see you on November 19th.

Tim Jepson
(Cadeirydd BMC Cymru - Gogledd)

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