Introduction to the NICAS scheme

The National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme (NICAS) is a UK wide scheme designed to promote climbing development and accredit individual achievement on artificial climbing structures. It can be used as a starting point for people wishing to take up climbing and mountaineering. It is open to all candidates aged 7 and upwards.

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Anonymous User
Really think the NICAS scheme is great for child. Please let's try and keep the cost down. So the boys and girls from the inner citys who want to climb and get there lee levels in NICAS. Like most things log books has a costing, just let's hope there funding for low income familys, so this great sport does not become just for the middle classes.

I work with young boys and girls who love climbing, and its keeping them on the straight and narrow.
Well down NICAS for your great work and let hope it will keep involving all of the community's. Around The uk.

Anonymous User
I had my first taster session today and loved it. I would really like to do the NICAS courses as I want structured learning and I want to become a competent climber. The only problem is I am 49 year old woman. I read on this website that NICAS has no upper age limit but I cannot find any awarding centre (in London) which caters to adults. My nearest climbing centre is The Castle. They run something for kids and teenagers. Does anyone know where adults can do the NICAS courses?
Hi there. Although NICAS is aimed at the youth market, there are many adult NICAS climbers around the country. Some centres do run adult NICAS sessions, however more prefer to use adult climbing nights / beginners courses or novice-improver clubs to focus development in climbing. If the Castle aren't able to provide a suitable session then you may wish to try one of the other London NICAS centres such as Westway or Mile End, who are Primary Centres. They should be able to provide you with a logbook and discuss a structured plan for working through the levels. Please email me at if you'd like me to put you in touch with the NICAS Course Director at any of our centres, or if you have any other queries about the Scheme.
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