Tegness Quarries

Eastern Gritstone

Two minor quarries in fine position overlooking the Derwent Valley. The left-hand quarry is frighteningly unstable, but its neighbour offers a few short (9m) routes up good, clean rock and the added fun of a detached pinnacle! Best routes are The Original Route (D) and Fingers (VS 4c). Can be tricky to find, especially in the Summer, when the quarries are all but invisible for the trees.

Crag information
Climbing Area: Peak District Rock Type: Gritstone
Importance: CRoW Land: No
Ownership: Unknown No. of Routes: 60
Within National Park: No Year Developed:
Grid Reference: SK254780

Parking and Approach

From the National Trust car park (Haywood) at SK 255777, just below The Grouse Inn on the B6504, follow the path beside a stone wall north to an electricity pole. Just past this is a path of the left which contours around the hillside to reach the quarry in a couple of minutes. If you reach the end of the stone wall, or start going downhill through the woods, you've gone the wrong way!
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Anonymous User
There are nesting birds of prey, Sparrow Hawks I think, in Four Cracks No.3 . Given the small size of the quarry and it's pinnacle it's probably best to stay away.
Anonymous User
The single stake which serves the upper bay of the North Quarry (7. The Niche - 14. Good Evening) is very loose. The next nearest anchors are trees a long way back (like an extra rope's length)