Avon Gorge (Main Wall)

Avon and Somerset

The broad, sheer cliff of grey limestone that sits at the centre of the gorge. Slabby, easy angled limestone, lots of excellent routes in the easier grades, but protection tends to be sparse, and many of the plum lines suffer from polish. Some of the best bouldering in the area can be had here. Multi-pitch routes to 90 metres.


Update on the winter rockfall in the Bonbogies area. The loose rock above the climbing areas has been removed to the best of volunteer activity. Loose material remains on the ledges below the cliffs, so caution during approach is recommended.


Avon Fixed Equipment Policy- https://tinyurl.com/AvonFEP

Crag information
Climbing Area: South West & Southern Rock Type: Limestone
Importance: Regional CRoW Land: No
Ownership: Local Authority No. of Routes: 102
Within National Park: No Year Developed: 1955
Grid Reference: ST563740

Parking and Approach

Limited parking is available under Main Wall, alternatively there is ample parking above the crag on Circular Road with paths leading down to the bottom of the Gorge.

Area information

Weather Information

There are no guidebooks assigned to this crag

Avon Fixed Equipment Policy 2023

Updated: 19/01/2024


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Anonymous User
The entry for Leigh Woods states tgst the peregrines that were nesting here have relocated to quarry 4. If this is the case, does ghe redtruction on Main Wall need to continue?
Anonymous User
Bottom of crag has been cleaned up nicely.
Anonymous User
Climbed Matravers on Sunday 28th April and there appeared to be an owls nest with 4 eggs at top of pitch 1. I'd suggest leaving this climb for another month at least.
Anonymous User
There is someone living at the bottom of the crag with a fairly established set up