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Avon and Somerset

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As the Covid-19 lockdown eases, access for climbing is opening back up, subject to some measures and restrictions depending on where you are going. Please make sure you have read and understood our current advice before heading out and apply it alongside RAD advice to ensure access issues don’t develop. from 25/03/2020

 The original routes at Ebbor were laid down by Bane and Lloyd in the 1950’s but access was subsequently banned. This National Nature Reserve and SSSI is owned by the National Trust and managed by Natural England and recently limited access has been agreed on a trial basis.  The SSSI interests and public safety are a priority on this site.  It is not Open access land under the CRoW Act (2000) and access is restricted to several bolted routes on a small cliff face on the Gorge at national grid reference ST 52589 48704 in an area known as the ‘Narrows’.  Access to and use of the vegetated ledges above the routes is strictly prohibited for nature conservation and safety reasons.

Crag information
Climbing Area: South West & Southern Rock Type: Limestone
Importance: Local CRoW Land: No
Ownership: National Trust No. of Routes: 5
Within National Park: No Year Developed: 2018
Grid Reference: ST5258948704

This site is particularly important for its nesting bird and botanical interests.  As a result climbing is limited to bolted routes on the cliff faces indicated.  Current access to the cliffs is for a trial period of 12 months.  Any activity outside of the bolted routes could lead to closure of climbing access during this period or in subsequent years.

  • No new routes are permitted unless first agreed by Natural England. 
  • Follow any safety guidance provided on site.
  • The routes are close to the public access route through the Gorge - THINK PUBLIC SAFETY AS A PRIORITY AT ALL TIMES.  Climbing has the potential to harm innocent bystanders particularly by dislodging rocks or dropping kit.  It is vital that climbers are sensitive to the potential public safety implications of climbing here. Loose rock is always a possibility - be careful and alert when standing below those climbing, and always be aware, alerting walkers and others using the Gorge of your presence. If safe to do so, pause climbing activity until walkers and others are a safe distance from the base of the routes.  
  • Access to and use of the vegetated ledges above the routes is strictly forbidden for nature conservation and safety reasons. 
  • All climbers using the site must have public liability insurance cover of at least £10million.  This comes standard with BMC or MCofS membership or can be organised separately.  BMC/MCofS membership cards or details of your individual policy must be carried as proof of insurance cover whilst climbing on these cliffs.

Parking and Approach

Parking for climbing is at the main Ebbor Reserve car park only.  This is located on the Priddy to Wookey Hole Road at ST 52079 48447.  There is then a short walk into the base of the reserve before walking part way up the Gorge to access the cliff faces.

When approaching the cliffs please stick to the main paths and stay off any sensitive areas/scree slopes.

Group Advice

No commercial activity (i.e. paid for instruction) is permitted on this site.  Non-commercial groups for whom no money is changing hands are free to access the cliffs providing they follow the access guidance above.    
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Anonymous User
Does anyone have a topo for tgese climbs?
Anonymous User
The Spring 2019 Edition of Summit mag stated on two pages that this crag entry had been updated in full on RAD..... where are details of the five new routes??