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e-Newsletter January 2010

Happy New Year! It’s been an exceptional start to 2010; the weather has provided conditions not seen for many years all over the country, and lots of us have been making the most of the snow and ice.

Whilst 2010 has begun with plummeting temperatures, BMC membership starts the year on a record high, having surpassed the 70,000 mark for the first time. Thank you for your continued support.

Dave Turnbull, BMC CEO

Latest BMC News
BMC Youth Climbing Series 2013
The BMC Youth Climbing Series is a popular and fun competition for young climbers of all abilities, with three regional rounds and a national final. The 2013 dates and venues have been set, and the online entry system is now closed.
The Death of the Snowdon Lily?
Ice tools are being sharpened, the ice has formed, and for the first time in many years there are hordes of people climbing some seriously hard mixed routes. It’s great to see so many Welsh routes in nick for the first time in many years, and the possibilities of what can be achieved with modern tools are only limited by imagination (and possibly ability!).
BMC Stakes a Claim in Pembrokeshire!
Locating decent belays at Range West has always been a difficult problem, but thanks to BMC Local Access Rep Steve Quentin working with the MOD, BMC belay stakes are now in place at many locations.
Wild Country donates to BMC crag care
Wild Country's Pure Chalk 2% initiative is off to a good start, having raised £710 for the BMC's Crag Care Fund in its first year.
Doggie dos and don'ts: good practice advice
Many BMC members enjoy taking their dog for a walk and to the crag but increasingly, there is a growing awareness of the need to preserve and conserve the fragile landscapes we love to visit with our furry companions along with an increasing amount of advice and legislation governing what we should and shouldn’t do.
Better Bolts Campaign 2011
Once again the BMC is inviting bolt fund activists to place their bids for bolt donations. The aim of the campaign, now in its 4th year, is to encourage and foster high standard bolting of sport climbs, by supplying state of the art bolts which can be used for re-equipping existing routes.
Guidebook support downloads explained
With new BMC guidebooks filling up with features, routes and fun, our beloved little volumes are starting to bulge at the seams. Is there such a thing as too much quality?
BMC membership reaches all time high
The BMC starts 2010 with record membership, having reached over 70,000 in December.
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