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e-Newsletter September 2009

We're currently running a weekly series of ‘Green Friday’ articles, with lots of information to help you reduce your environmental impact. Have a look at the latest one – it's all about recycling.

The BMC Competition Climbing Committee is Psyched about the first issue of its newsletter.

September’s Area Meetings include elections for representatives to sit on the new BMC Clubs Committee, which will represent the interests of local and national clubs.

Dave Turnbull, BMC CEO

Latest BMC News
Green Friday - green energy
This week we take a look at being more energy efficient, and offer advice on how to access green grants.
Latest Area Meeting dates
For full details of all the upcoming BMC Area Meetings, see the new BMC Community site.
Local Area debates Horseshoe bolts
The BMC's Land Management Group (LMG) has been looking at some of the fixed equipment in the BMC owned Horseshoe Quarry and is proposing to replace selected equipment such as some protection bolts and some lower-offs.
Psyched: the BMC's Competitions Newsletter!
The all new BMC Competitions Newsletter is here! 'Psyched' is produced by the BMC Competitions Committee, to inform BMC members what is going on in the world of competition climbing.
Climbing shoes: is pain insane?
Audry Morrison (BSc, UIAA Medcom) takes a look at the culture of tight climbing shoes. Just how tight is too tight - and are we creating problems for the future?
Support your BMC
The BMC has produced a number of new web banners for websites and blogs to show their support for the BMC.
Get ready for winter with BMC skills lectures old
Are you a would-be winter warrior? Don't miss the BMC winter skills lectures this November/December: the ideal way to get set for the season.
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