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e-Newsletter June 2019

There's a lot on the calendar this summer with the BMC; from the Junior British Bouldering Championship and watching the senior BBCs on the Beeb to climbing festivals and the BMC Mountain Medicine Weekend. Join us for another sizzling summer of fun.

The BMC recently responded to the launch of a new wild camping website that was supported by Defra (UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) and two National Parks allowing anyone to ‘book a spot’ in a remote area for a fee and experience ‘wild camping’. Our statement on wild camping is available to be read on our website, however, the essence is that the BMC believes that wild camping should encompass the freedom to choose where to camp, without any regulations, to be self-sufficient and to do so in a discreet and responsible manner, in wild places away from built-up areas. 

It's been a tragic year in the Himalayas already this year, with 11 deaths on Everest making it the fourth deadliest season already and the believed loss of eight climbers, including British Mountain Guide Martin Moran, on Nanda Devi East, the second highest peak in India after Kangchenjunga. Our thoughts go out to all the loved ones of the lost. For more information on the dangers of trying to summit Everest, read the article on our website: What is to blame? Thoughts on Everest from Ricky Munday.

We wish everyone to have success in their adventures this summer. 

Latest BMC News
What is to blame? Thoughts on Everest from Ricky Munday
What is to blame? Overcrowding? Budget operators? Or maybe inexperience? Despite being barely begun, it is already the fourth deadliest season on Mount Everest as 11 climbers have perished. Ricky Munday gives us his thoughts on the potential reasons behind the high toll of lives already claimed by the world's tallest mountain.
Climbers missing on Nanda Devi East, Garhwal Himalaya
Eight climbers, including the British Mountain Guide, Martin Moran, are missing in the Himalayas. They had been attempting to climb Nanda Devi East, the second highest peak in India after Kangchenjunga.
BMC statement: Wild camping backlash
The launch of a new wild camping website with support from Defra (UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) and two National Parks allowing anyone to ‘book a spot’ in a remote area for a fee and experience ‘wild camping’ was seen in late May 2019. The idea has been met with anger and negativity from across the outdoor community and the website content has since been removed.
Mend Our Mountains to repair two iconic Peak District paths
Two of the most popular and heavily eroded routes in the Peak District national park are set to be repaired with the help of £175,000 from the Mend Our Mountains: Make One Million fundraising appeal.
Interview: Steve McClure ticks infamous E10 Nesscliffe project
48-year-old BMC Ambassador, Steve McClure, has made the first ascent of what has become an infamous project at Nesscliffe. The route has been looked at by plenty of strong climbers, including James Pearson, Dave Birkett and James McHaffie. Steve named it GreatNess Wall and suggested a grade of E10 7a. In this interview he describes the moment when he almost took a whipper...
BMC Board of Directors: May 2019 meeting summary
A scheduled meeting of the Board was held on 8 May (11:00 until 18:00), with a 90-minute follow-up by phone on the evening of 20 May. Ten directors attended the scheduled meeting and nine participated in the follow-up, including all four new directors on both occasions.
Climbing and the Olympics: BMC position
Climbing is in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, the British competitions scene is vibrant, and here BMC CEO Dave Turnbull explains the BMC’s position and what it all means for climbing as a whole.
Finlay Wild Breaks Records for Welsh 3000ers and Snowdon Horseshoe
This week Finlay Wild set a new record for the Welsh 3000ers - a record that hadn't been broken in 31 years. His time? 4:10:48. The previous record (4:19) was set by under-the-radar fell running hero, Colin Donnelly, in 1988. On the same trip Finlay also set a new record for the Snowdon Horseshoe - avoiding the queues by getting up at the crack of dawn and charging round in 1:20:16 armed with just a gel and a windshirt.
Work begins on Ben Vane after Mend Our Mountains hits £100,000 Scotland target
Path repairers have already got stuck in to the work of repairing one of Scotland's most popular Munros after Mend Our Mountains succeeded in raising £100,000 for two projects north of the border.
Labour of love: what it takes to be a mountain path repairer
Commuting with crampons, hard outdoor labour, and spending 120 hours a week with your colleagues - we speak to a mountain path repairer to find out more about the highs and lows involved in this vital job.
Colin Knowles elected to IFSC European Council Board
BMC member and longstanding volunteer Colin Knowles has been elected as Secretary General of the International Federation of Sport Climbing’s European Council Board.
RIP Edwin Drummond 1945 - 2019
Edwin Drummond, one of the greatest characters ever to grace the British climbing scene, died after a long battle with Parkinson's disease and bowel cancer on the 23rd of April. He combined philosophy, talent and a greatly individual approach to leave an immense physical and literary legacy that includes the classic climb A Dream of White Horses.
BMC AGM 2019: Reflections and the Future
There has been feedback from some Members about both the AGM, and the post-AGM news piece on the BMC website. Some threads on social media have also discussed this and a range of matters have been raised. The Board has taken time to reflect on these and is keen to give some clarification and identify the future direction.
Latest online news from the Peak Area: June 2019
The June 2019 issue of the BMC Peak Area Newsletter is now online, keeping you informed about what’s happening in the region, including details of the next BMC Peak Area Meeting.
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