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Advice Castle Rock (Castle Rock of Triermain)

Good roadside climbing at all grades - popular and sheltered.

BMC Area Lake District Rock Type Volcanic
Climbing Area Eastern Crags Access Status Advice
County Cumbria CRoW Land Yes
Importance National No. of Routes 60
Ownership Utilities Company Year Developed 1928
Within National Park Yes Grid Reference NY322197

IMPORTANT NOTE: a large section of the North Buttress around the top of 'North Crag Eliminate' and 'Overhanging Bastion' has an enormous crack running around part of the top of the crag, effectively detatching it from the crag in a potentially unstable position. This large unstable block has seen repeated further movement since being reported in 2012 with the cracks on all sides widening significantly. This is creating both small scale instability, with smaller blocks within the cracks gradually becoming dislodged, as well as the obvious large scale instability of the entire huge block. 

it is impossible to say with any certainity if or when this section of crag will fall, but it is an obvious objective risk and climbers are advised to be extremely cautious when walking underneath or climbing on the North Buttress.

With implimentation of the CRoW Act (2000), many Lakes fells and crags now have an Open Access designation. They also have many nationally important bird and plant species dependant on inaccessible crags/ledges and heather/mixed heath environments for survival. During the bird nesting period, a number of species can be vulnerable to disturbance. The Lake District restrictions are monitored, variable (VR) and reviewed in April/May. If the birds do not nest, restrictions are lifted early. Check the BMC and FRCC websites in early May for details. New restrictions will be notified on the websites and with on-site notices. To view the BMC's Lake District Green Climbing Guide click this link:

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