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Advice Flimston (Perimeter Bays)

This area, as described in the Pembroke guidebook, runs from The Wash to The Green Bridge, below Flimston Down. Not to be confused with Flimston Bay to the east. The rock looks both intimidating and unstable and most climbs here are in the mid to high grades.

BMC Area Wales Rock Type Limestone
Climbing Area Pembroke South Access Status Advice
County Pembrokeshire CRoW Land No
Importance Local No. of Routes 25
Ownership Ministry of Defence Year Developed 1991
Within National Park Yes Grid Reference SR921944

The crag is in Range West, an Army live-firing range. Briefed climbers (with a valid permit) can access the crag year round when the range is not iring (all weekends & Bank Holidays plus some weekdays). Night firing normally occurs on Tuesday & Thursday but may also alternate to Monday & Wednesday. The crag is in Range West, an Army live-firing range. Access is by permit and at weekends & Bank Holidays only.  Please do not place your own stakes - we have had to get each stake placement checked for dangerous ordnance and approved by conservation bodies. Putting your own stakes in may be dangerous and will definitely jeopardise our access relationship with the MOD and CCW.

Restrictions apply from  1 March - 1 August. Reason - Nesting Birds

Restriction currently covers routes 'Hermit' to 'Address Book' and 'Blood in the Cracks' to 'Life's Rich Pagent' inclusive.

Note: extended April 2013 due to Chough moving

South Pembroke is one of the best sea cliff climbing areas in Britain featuring abseil approaches, amazing scenery, and a huge number of fantastic routes - it is also extremely important for wildlife, especially the nesting bird colonies. There are many special access arrangements and seasonal climbing restrictions. PLEASE REFER TO THE INDIVIDUAL CRAG ENTRIES ON THIS DATABASE FOR FULL DETAILS. NB- Pembroke nesting restrictions are complex and vary annually. Please check the notice boards in Stack Rocks, Broad Haven South, Stackpole Quay or St Govan’s car parks. The PCNPA also produce an excellent annual information leaflet illustrating the restricted areas on a clear map -available at the car parks and Mrs Westons cafe in Bosherston Range East This area is an Army firing range, although they do not use exploding ammunition. Access is permitted whenever firing is not taking place, which is normally on Weekends, Bank Holidays, and in the evenings (after 4.30). The night firing normally occurs on alternate Mon/Wed and Tues/Thurs nights. The Range is sometimes open during the week, but it is best to check before travelling. Phone the 24 hour help line on (01646) 662367. Range West UPDATE -Range West 2015 briefing dates will be a combination of both midweek evenings and weekends. The briefings for 2015 will be a 40minutes video presnetation and a short questionaire. All briefings are held at Merrion Army Camp, Castlemartin SA71 5ER and start at 09.00hr – park next to the gatehouse and ask for details. The dates for 2015 are :- 21st Feb – 10.00, 26th Feb – 18.00, 19th March – 18.00, 21st March – 10.00, 3rd April – 10.00, 23rd April – 18.00, 21st May – 18.00 and 23rd May – 10.00. From Easter 2013 Access will be allowed for briefed climbers all year round on non-firing days only. This area is also used for live-firing but has a different arrangement for access to Range East, involving attending a PCNPA/MoD briefing and obtaining a permit to climb. Climbers must attend an annual briefing to obtain a valid permit. IMPORTANT - LIVE high explosive ammunition is fired on Range West and it is paramount that climbers (and all users) stay away from and DO NOT touch anything metal. For the same reasons belay stakes should not be placed. If you think belay stakes are required please contact the BMC who can arrange for stakes to be placed in a safe maner.

This page was last updated on 03/02/2015. RAD is updated as and when access changes and a historic date does not mean that the information is out of date, only that the access situation hasn't changed.