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Advice Baggy Point

Excellent seacliff slab climbing - owned and managed by the National Trust.

BMC Area South West & Southern Rock Type Sandstone
Climbing Area North Devon Access Status Advice
County Devon CRoW Land Yes
Importance National No. of Routes 156
Ownership National Trust Year Developed 1969
Within National Park No Grid Reference SS419406

Restrictions apply from  15 March - 30 June. Reason - Nesting Birds

Following a review of climbing restrictions at Baggy Point, the historical restriction on the Long Rock was lifted in 2013. This means that both the Long Rock and the Promontory are unrestricted, but the remaining climbing areas from Scrattling Zawn to Concrete Wall inclusive and Central Walls to Slab Cove inclusive are still restricted for the duration of the nesting season.

There is still a slightly confusing white marker at the top of the descent to the Long Rock, however the restriction definitely no longer applies to this part of the headland. The National Trust are aware of this and will move the marker at some point in the future, but given a busy summer work schedule this may not be for some time. In the meantime, please feel free to access this part of the crag. Many thanks to the National Trust for their help with this.

Warning: All climbers and group leaders should take great care not to knock loose rocks down the slabs onto climbers below. The cliff top areas are unstable so please tread lightly.

This page was last updated on 26/05/2015. RAD is updated as and when access changes and a historic date does not mean that the information is out of date, only that the access situation hasn't changed.