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Advice Brandrith

Good summer crag with bouldering, highball solos and routes in a great setting.

BMC Area Yorkshire Rock Type Gritstone
Climbing Area North Yorkshire Gritstone Access Status Advice
County North Yorkshire CRoW Land Yes
Importance Local No. of Routes 43
Ownership Private Year Developed 1952
Within National Park No Grid Reference SE151562

If you encounter any problems with estate workers, state you have a statutory right to access the crag, keep climbing, and report the incident to the BMC.

This crag is on Open Access land and there is a legal right of access to it, however the farmer has requested that during May and June climbers avoid approaching the crag from the west or south to help prevent disturbance to nesting birds. Please also avoid visiting in large groups or bring dogs to the crag during this period.

Small groups only.

Registered Common Land and Open Access land See here for map;

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