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Advice Anglezarke Quarry

Quarried Lancashire Gritstone - a quick-drying suntrap overlooking the Anglezarke reservoir.

BMC Area North West Rock Type Gritstone
Climbing Area North Lancashire Access Status Advice
County Lancashire CRoW Land Yes
Importance Regional No. of Routes 165
Ownership Utilities Company Year Developed 1962
Within National Park No Grid Reference SD621162

Climbers using the Left Wall Area should avoid belaying on the fence posts at the side of the road. Abseiling over the Golden Tower and Left Wall is also discouraged as it is starting to cause erosion. The quarry is owned by United Utilities who take a positive view of rock climbing. Trees have been cleared from the quarry by UU in previous years making a great improvement to the climbing environment.

Restrictions apply from  24 June - 20 August. Reason - Nesting Birds

A tawny owl is currently nesting in Dirty Corner (left of Golden Tower). This and nearby routes (The Eight-legged Atomic Dustbin Will Eat Itself to The Italian Job) should be avoided unitl the nest is vacated. Tawny owls have been known to viciously attack  people climbing near their nest in the past, so please steer well clear of these routes until the chicks have fledged, both for the chicks benefit and your own!
We don't know how old the chicks are so it's impossible to know when they might fledge, but given that tawny owl chicks can take 60 days to leave the nest it is worth being cautious around this area until mid August.

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