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Restrictions/ Sensitive Access Pontesford Rocks (Foresters' Rocks; Earl's Hill)

Good local outcrop.

BMC Area Midlands Rock Type Igneous
Climbing Area West Midlands Access Status Restrictions/ Sensitive Access
County Shropshire CRoW Land Yes
Importance Local No. of Routes 43
Ownership Wildlife Trust Year Developed 1949
Within National Park No Grid Reference SJ409047

The crag is within Earls Hill Nature Reserve which is managed by Shropshire Wildlife Trust. Climbing is permitted providing that people are sensitive to the ecological interests of the site. In particular the scree slopes should be treated with care. No camping and no fires, please.

The 'Fifty Foot Wall' routes were cleaned up and extensively restored in 2013, with the intention of giving climbers an alternative area if the birds had nested on the main crag. Feel free to go try these - you might actually like them...

In the near future, the Wildlife Trust plan to undertake further vegetation clearance work, mainly of invasive trees on the scree slopes, but also of scrub on the rocks. This will improve the cliff environment from the climbers' point of view, as it will allow more light and air to dry the rocks better. If you turn up at the crag and find work in progress, please respect any signage and be prepared to change your plans at short notice.

Restrictions apply from  1 March - 31 July. Reason - Nesting Birds

The restriction applies to the right hand buttress and the descent gully from this buttress.

Small groups (pairs, etc) of climbers are welcome to continue using the crag, but it would be appreciated if larger groups could find an alternative to Pontesford Rocks, as the site is fairly restricted in size. Please leave no litter (and pick up anyone else's); no fires, no camping

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