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Restrictions/ Sensitive Access Hoghton Quarry

A large gritstone quarry with a history of sensitive access. Climbing is only allowed in a limited climbing season after the peregrines have fully fledged.

BMC Area North West Rock Type Gritstone
Climbing Area North Lancashire Access Status Restrictions/ Sensitive Access
County Lancashire CRoW Land No
Importance Local No. of Routes 129
Ownership Estate Year Developed 1940
Within National Park No Grid Reference SD625264

Rock climbing is permitted at Hoghton Tower Quarry for BMC members (and members of affiliated climbing clubs) for a limited period from 29th June - 25th August in 2013. The crag is owned by the de Hoghton Estate and has a history of access difficulties. Please ensure you adhere to the following agreements or access could be lost:

1. Climbers can visit the quarry from 8.30 am, but must leave by 5.30 pm – so please plan your climbing carefully. Between Wednesday and Saturday this time is extended to 9.00 pm.

2. When you have reached the top of a climb, please descend to the left or right around the perimeter of the quarry (i.e. do not wander up towards the Tower).

3. Do not use portable radios.

4. Park sensibly without causing any obstruction on Chapel Lane.

Remember that the continuation of climbing at Hoghton in future years depends upon our adherence to this agreement. So enjoy your climbing and act responsibly.

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