Overhanging sandstone bouldering crag.

Crag information
Climbing Area: North East Rock Type: Sandstone
Importance: Local CRoW Land: No
Ownership: Private No. of Routes: 7
Within National Park: No Year Developed: 1980
Grid Reference: NU188164

Climbing at the crag is reported now no longer banned. In order to maintain access, please do not visit the crag on any day other than Sundays in shooting season (Oct 1 – Feb 1). Please leave if asked to. If you have any interaction with the landowner or farmer please pass on details to the BMC access rep. 

Restrictions apply from 1 October - 1 February.

Reason: Public Safety

Area information

Weather Information

There are no guidebooks assigned to this crag

There are no files associated with this crag


Use this feed to report any current information about the crag.

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