Lead Cup And Open Youth boulder competitions February 2018 - results

Posted by Mark Alderson on 24/02/2018

The first round the 2018 Lead Cup took place at Sheffield Climbing Centre on 24 February.

Full results can be found here.

The Open Youth boulder competition took place at The Depot: Notingham on Sunday 25 February.

Full results can be found here.

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1) Anonymous User
I wasn't there but it looks like the setting was good as it seems to have separated out the climbers, giving clear results in most categories. Well done to those involved.
Some categories make interesting reading regarding the development squad selections, a few of the squad are missing and it looks like there were some disappointing performances from others. I understand from social media that those who are going to european competitions have already been selected so I guess there is no great incentive for squad members to attend or perform well.
The plan announced in the week for the 2019 selection day said an invite would be issued to anyone with one top five place in the listed events plus those already in the squad (regardless of consistent performance or in fact attendance at any other competitions.) This makes the selection event the most important competition of the year for young climbers and will also make for a very busy weekend (for example, with 7 more eligible competitions to go, there are already 10 girls in b who meet that criteria.)
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