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BMC Climbing Wall Directory 2014

UPLOADED ON 11/11/2013

Full version of the BMC Climbing Wall Directory 2014.

File size: 9.16mb

Winter safety advice press release.

UPLOADED ON 21/02/2013

A joint press release from the BMC, the Mountaineering Council of Scotland (MCofS) and the Scottish Mountain Safety Forum (SMSF) issued a press release

File size: 242.36kb

Climbing & Occupiers' Liability

UPLOADED ON 18/05/2012

The British Mountaineering Council (BMC) has republished and updated this leaflet for the benefit of all owners and occupiers of land on which there are cliffs, crags, quarries or outcrops which might be suitable for rock climbing. This guidance applies to England and Wales and explains in brief existing legislation which affects the obligation of landowners and occupiers, and the real rather than perceived risks associated with rock climbing to address landowners’ concerns.

File size: 154.14kb

Application form to affiliate a club to the BMC

UPLOADED ON 09/12/2010

Application pack to apply to affliate your climbing or walking club to the BMC.

File size: 114.00kb

Protect yourself from Tick Borne Encephalitis (TBE) in Europe

UPLOADED ON 08/04/2014

Tick Alert has produced a guide which gives clear and easy-to-understand information and advice about TBE in Europe. It highlights activities and locations that put people at greater risk of TBE, shows how the disease is contracted, explains the serious symptoms that can arise and what to do to protect against TBE.

File size: 1,000.57kb

BMC AGM YHA Portland booking form

UPLOADED ON 03/04/2014

YHA Portland booking form for 2014 AGM

File size: 91.00kb

BMC Drilled Equipment Policy 1992

UPLOADED ON 01/04/2014

The BMC drilled equipment policy is a statement of the organisation’s position regarding the placement of drilled equipment, and was agreed at the 1992 AGM.

File size: 292.45kb
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