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Posted by Lynda Buckley on 01/09/2015

Who works at the BMC? Full details of all current BMC staff.

Chief Executive

Dave Turnbull
Dave Turnbull – CEO

Dave has had overall responsibility for all aspects of the BMC since 2002. He was a BMC Access & Conservation Officer from 1997-2001 and worked in environmental consultancy prior to that. He's a chartered surveyor, with an MSc in Marine Science. He's originally from Northumberland but began climbing on Dartmoor and the south west sea cliffs while a student at Plymouth Polytechnic.

Deputy Chief Executive

Nick Colton
Nick Colton – Deputy CEO & Head of Development

Nick assists Dave with the running of the BMC and is also responsible for the BMC development programmes, including child protection. He is an enthusiastic climber who has climbed 8a and has left his mark with the Colton/MacIntyre route on the Grandes Jorasses.

0161 438 3305
07554 998 919

Access & Conservation

Carey Davies
Carey Davies – Hill Walking Development Officer

Carey's job is to develop and grow the BMC's work for hill walkers, an integral part of which is providing overall leadership for the Mend Our Mountains campaign. Having trained as a journalist, he was formerly deputy editor of The Great Outdoors magazine and is a current contributor to the Guardian's Country Diary column. With access to a teleporter he would spend most of his free time in Assynt but in reality can usually be found in the Pennines, Lake District or Snowdonia. 

07885 910 605
Inigo Atkin
Inigo Atkin – Project Co-ordinator

Inigo is helping coordinate the second Mend Our Mountains campaign, working closely with Hill Walking Development Officer Carey. A late convert to climbing, having only started a few years ago, he can now be found hanging around on ropes alarmingly often.

0161 438 3328
Rob Dyer
Rob Dyer – Access & Conservation Officer (England)

Rob is in charge of regional access & conservation initiatives, as well as having an unequalled knowledge of access issues around the country. He's the first port of call if there's a problem somewhere with landowners, birds, military persons or anything else that shouldn't be happening.

0161 438 3309
07554 998 914
Cath Flitcroft
Cath Flitcroft – Access & Conservation Officer (Policy)
4 days per week


Doctor Flitcroft is responsible for managing the BMC's relationship with the Government and other countryside and recreational organisations. She is often to be found lobbying hard for the rights of hill walkers, climbers and mountaineers. She leads the BMC on policy and legislation issues affecting the cliff and mountain environment, and is responsible for replying to numerous consultation documents in England and Wales. She was once a champion athlete and has, by her own admission, spent far too much time in the wilderness. Her PhD is about peat bogs.

0161 438 3333
07932 801 351
Elfyn Jones
Elfyn Jones – Access & Conservation Officer (Wales)
4 days per week

Elfyn is the BMC access & conservation officer for Wales. He is based at Capel Curig and first port of call for all access/conservation issues in Wales. Previously a Property Manager for the National Trust for Snowdonia, he has also worked for National Parks in Snowdonia and Pembrokeshire. A first language Welsh speaker from a hill farming family, he has been climbing and mountaineering all over the world since age 11.

01690 720 124
07554 998 910


Zoe Spriggins
Zoe Spriggins – Competitions Programme Manager

Zoe runs all the BMC’s national and international competitions. She has worked in the industry for a good few years now and enjoys nothing better than climbing, crossfit or kiting!

0161 438 3313
07590 882 831
Lucinda Whittaker
Lucinda Whittaker – Talent Development Co-ordinator
3 days per week

Lucinda's role is to support talented youngsters along their journey in the climbing world, whether that be through competition or out on rock. Ex British Boulder and Lead champ and GB Team member, Lucinda has worked as a coach and teacher for the last 18 years. When time permits, She enjoys running, yoga, skiing and drinking Yorkshire tea .

Tim Cunnington
Tim Cunnington – Talent Development Co-ordinator
2 days per week

Tim works alongside Lucinda to set up programs to develop youth climbing.

Jon Garside
Jon Garside – BMC/MTE Training Officer

Jon works as a link officer between the BMC and Mountain Training England (MTE), contributing to the development of new awards and the support of existing ones.  He is responsible for BMC publications and events with a good practice message. In a previous life he worked at Plas y Brenin and holds the MIC and IML awards.

0161 438 3329
07787 543 287
Niall Grimes
Niall Grimes – Guidebook Officer

Niall is the man to praise for the world class guides the BMC is currently producing. A media celebrity, with no fear of either the limelight or an hilarious (but risque) joke in front of a packed audience of dignitaries; he defies all attempts at description.

0161 438 3301
Becky McGovern
Becky McGovern – Events Co-ordinator
3.5 days per week

Becky successfully manages major BMC events including the International Meet. She can usually be found either at the dinner table or clinging tenaciously to a crag somewhere.

0161 438 3302
Dan Middleton
Dan Middleton – Technical Officer also responsibe for Climbing Walls
3.5 days per week

Dan provides advice and guidance about safety related mountaineering equipment. He helps the Technical Committee investigate equipment failures, and to educate climbers and mountaineers about how to use and care for their equipment. He now knows quite a lot about bolts, despite hardly ever going sport climbing.

0161 438 3326
Jane Thompson
Jane Thompson – Clubs, Huts & Volunteer Development Officer

Jane is the Clubs, Huts & Volunteer Development Officer. She works with BMC clubs and indoor climbing walls to encourage indoor climbers to give the outdoors a go and to increase membership within clubs. She also supports the work of the BMC Clubs & Huts Committee. Jane has worked in sports development for many years, is an active member of her local mountaineering club and can even be found on rock (when it’s not raining!).

07885 910 606
James McHaffie
James McHaffie – Youth & Equity Officer

James is from the Lake District and did a lot of climbing and hill walking there before moving to North Wales to study Environmental Science in 2002. He worked for 7 years at Plas Y Brenin, The National Mountain Centre in Wales and for the last 3 has worked for himself and Phill George on both rock climbing courses and ML training and assessments. He has taken up the position of BMC Youth & Equity Officer to help give youngsters from urban areas more climbing and outdoor opportunities. He’s also keen to try and set up some more BMC Youth Meets.

07885 910 603
Amii Wilkes
Amii Wilkes – Project Co-ordinator
4 days per week

Amii supports the Competitions Officer and the Training Officer with comps related tasks and the co-ordination of our FUNdamentals courses. Amii oversees the office stationery supply. When Amii is not at the BMC you will find her bouldering either at the local climbing wall or crag.

0161 438 3317


Alan Brown
Alan Brown – Financial Controller

Perhaps the most high pressure job in the building, but you'd never know it from looking at him. Cool, calm and collected, he gave Daniel Craig a good run for his money at the James Bond auditions. Alan works closely with Kate Anwyl to ensure data compliance.

0161 438 3331
Yas Prabaharan
Yas Prabaharan – Finance Assistant

Alan's trusty sidekick, and responsible for day to day management of receipts and payments, including the petty cash. She has no idea about climbing & mountaineering, but is frighteningly good at hassling people for invoices & remittances!

0161 438 3321
Hannah Skeldon
Hannah Skeldon – Online Shop Co-ordinator
4 days per week


Hannah manages the BMC online shop – contact her if you'd like to get your products featured in there. She likes bouldering and growing sunflowers.

0161 438 3322

HR & Office Support Services

Kate Anwyl
Kate Anwyl – HR & Office Manager

Kate provides HR and office support to all the staff and is PA to the CEO, ensuring good governance, data compliance and health and safety. She's the secretary for the Board of Directors and and organises various events, including the annual AGM.  Prior to joining the BMC, Kate worked for the 2002 Manchester Commonwealth Games and the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

0161 438 3303
Tony Ryan
Tony Ryan – Publications & Local Areas Co-ordinator

Tony's role includes the co-ordination of BMC house style on publications, as well as press and event support. He also supports the promotion of BMC area meetings and is the secretary for the National Council.

0161 438 3334
Suzanne Jones
Suzanne Jones – Project Co-ordinator
3 days per week

Suzanne provides administrative support to the BMC’s HR function and also to the BMC President.  She also spends time liaising with the BMC’s partners and sponsors.

Marketing & Communications

Alex Messenger
Alex Messenger – Head of Marketing & Communications

Alex runs the Marketing and Communications crew who bring you everything from carefully crafted tweets to magnificent multi-day events. He especially likes Summit magazine and BMC TV. He is developing a weird and unexpected interest in winter climbing. 

0161 438 3308
Pete Burnside
Pete Burnside – Online Communications Co-ordinator

Pete is the writer extraordinaire, that is, when he isn’t reading or watching climbing stuff online. Aside from producing reams of impeccable copy, he is also known for being an avid rock climber and a scuba diving instructor, albeit preferably when in tropical seas.

0161 438 3311
Jon Chittenden
Jon Chittenden – Online Marketing Co-ordinator

Jon is our digital marketing guru, inventing new and exciting ways to improve your interaction with the BMC online. He likes bouldering, live music and ale (ideally all in the same day).

0161 438 3336
Alvin Foy
Alvin Foy – IT & Database Co-ordinator

Alvin is responsible for keeping the systems at the BMC running and maintaining the membership database. Whilst outside the office he can normally be found somewhere out in the wilderness.

0161 438 3304
Tim Waterhouse
Tim Waterhouse – IT & Web Support Assistant
2.5 days per week

Tim is responsible for asking people whether they have tried turning it off and on again. In his spare time he can often be found hanging (or falling) off bits of limestone in the Peak.

0161 438 3327

Membership & Insurance

Lynda Buckley
Lynda Buckley – Membership & Insurance Manager
4 days per week

Lynda’s role is the management of the BMC’s Membership and Insurance products. She also manages the membership team and between them they are responsible for providing a quality service to all members. If you need to chat about any aspect of membership or insurance then Lynda’s your contact.

0161 438 3300
Clonagh Delderfield – Membership Administrator
4 days per week

Clonagh helps with BMC Memberships, Direct Debit Schemes, Clubs and Information. She has recently had a major birthday, but refuses to say which it is. Her colleagues have decided that she doesn't look a day over 29, or maybe 39.

0161 438 3315
Jim Krawiecki – Insurance Administrator

Jim works on insurance and relishes high altitude queries.  He enjoys kayaking, mountain biking, hill walking and mountaineering, as long as there's an enormous pie to look forward to at the end of the day.

0161 438 3319
Arun Patel
Arun Patel – Membership Co-ordinator

Arun is a black belt master of the Membership Database and almost certainly knows where you live (without even looking it up).

0161 438 3314
Josh Harris
Josh Harris – Membership Administrator

Josh helps with BMC Memberships, Direct Debit Schemes and Insurance and is the first point of contact for many of the BMC's members. He enjoys scrambling and long distance backpacking and is currently working towards his Mountain Leader Awards.

0161 438 3324
Betty Butcher
Betty Butcher – Membership Administrator

Betty works on Membership Services Online (MSO) and membership. She likes cycling, growing vegetables, knitting, cats and cake.

0161 438 3316


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Want to join the BMC marketing team?

Want to join the BMC marketing team? We're looking for a marketing coordinator to coordinate our campaigns across all channels, from Instagram stories to Summit magazine.
Read more »

The BMC is seeking an experienced Project Manager

The BMC is seeking a skilled and experienced individual to project manage and drive forward the implementation of Phase II of the 2017/18 Organisational Review.
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BMC Board member biographies

Find out who sits on the BMC's Board of Directors, and a little bit about their professional backgrounds and outdoor interests.
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